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What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Burglary And Home Invasion Robberies?


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  • What Are The Best Ways To Prevent Burglary And Home Invasion Robberies?

    Please tell me everything that you know about burglary and home invasion robbery prevention. What are the best ways to prevent these disgusting crimes?

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    Dogs are good - like German Shepherds,
    Doberman's, Rottweilers or any other dog
    that barks and looks menacing.

    a .357 magnum with 125 grain hollow points.

    If you have expensive cars and you have
    a garage, keep them in there when not in use.

    Whenever dealing with paperwork wherever you
    go, always doublecheck to make sure you have
    EVERYTHING, what you leave behind might be
    just what some scumbag might be looking for.

    Then of course, the usual burglar alarms,
    lock the doors and window advice.

    Try setting up a neighborhood watch, those
    are effective.

    When on vacation, stop delivery of your
    newspapers and mail until you get back.

    There are many others, but I am sure the
    rest of the crew in here will have all
    kinds more suggestions.


    • #3's easy to make your a hard target without making you feel like you're in prison. Security lights, especially motion sensors, on the corners. Keep the bushes from covering your windows and entry ways. Keep your house as visible as possible from the road. Timers for your lights. Locks on the windows and sliding doors. Alarm systems.

      If you go away for extended periods, either stop or have someone pick up your mail and papers. Also, see if a neighbor would like to park his car in your driveway.

      If you have "layers" of protection, such as the lights, the foliage, locks and an alarm, you should be OK.

      *THIS IS A GENERALIZATION, NOT THE COLD, HARD FACTS* Most burglars are cowards and don't want a confrontation, so they'll do their bidness when they don't think anyone is home. They're also usually lazy and in a hurry. If you make them work for it or spend too much time on your house, they'll go to your neighbor's house. If he does the same thing, they'll go onto the next neighborhood.

      Home invasions. This is FAR different than burglary, because, obviously, the suspects aren't afraid of confrontation. What we see the most with these types of crimes are two different types of victims...the elderly or handicapped and dirtbags. The elderly and handicapped are prime victims because they can't fight back and these suspects get a huge thrill out of the rush of power...yeah, REAL big men .

      The dirtbag victims...they're usually not telling us the whole story at first, because then they'd have to tell us WHY some unknown "masked" men came into their house. It's usually payment for a debt, retaliation, or stealing their dope or stolen property.


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        The advice I give out would normally be Mortice or similar five lever locks on front and back door.

        Door bolts top and bottom, they should go well into the frame and secured by metal hasp if possible.

        An alarm is with out doubt the best bit of kit to have. The little box on the out side of the house is a fantastic deterent. It also cuts down the ammount of time the House Breaker will spend in the house if he does break in.

        Timer switches for lights and a radio. gives the impression that somebody is home. Superb if your going away for a while

        Security lighting on a PIR switch, Some argue that it just gives the SOB light to work with, but I find most tend to run when the light comes on.

        When your at home you should at least have a chain on the door or keep it locked. Prevents sneek in thefts.

        I think that covers it.

        Your local Police Force may be able to give you a crime prevention survey for your home.

        Si vis pacem, para bellum


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          "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
          -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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            Make it a hard target, most burglars/robbers want an easy score and aren't willing to work too hard. Functioning lights, thorny bushes, good locks, a phone that works without the power, neighbors who care are all essentials. Also make sure to keep your nice stuff inside and hidden, good curtains go a long way.


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              First off, a Burglary is some breaking in to steal your stuf while you are away.

              A Home Invasion is someone forcing thier way into your home while you are there to rob and/or assualt you.

              The vast majorities that I have worked would have been prevented by a basic steel storm door with a good steel frame and dead bolt.

              There are basically teo kinds of burglars. Forget what you see in the movies about black clad ninja types. Maybe if your house has $3 million worth of art in it, but for us regualr joes, there are basically two types of burglars.

              "Professional" burglars (and I use that term lossely) who are organized. They will often hit a whole street or block at once. They usually have a van (often plain white). They drive up the street and let out the guys who go up to the door of a house, knock, and when no one answers, they kick it in. They take the TV, VCR, and maybe the playstation. They set the stuff at the curb and go to the next house. The van picks up the stuff.

              hey often wear socks over their hands to keep from leaving prints, but they actually touch very little other than what they take with them.

              I have seen these types not even TRY to go up to a house when they see there is a storm door. They want in and out of the area fast and they don't even try. Forget the fact that many people do not lock their storm doors.

              Forget about getting a $500 lock for your "regular" door. The bolt is only being held in by a thin little piece of wood, which just splinters and breaks because it is weaker than the bolt.

              If you want a more secure door, then get a steel storm door.

              The other kind of burglar is usually a punk kid. They try to do it like on TV and sneak in through a window around back. They usually make a mess and steal stuff they want like CD's and Gameboy cartiridges.

              With the "pro", they drive straight to a pawn shop or other "fence" and dump it before it is even reported stolen when the owners get home from work.

              With the kids, if you get a lead, yo usually find the stuff in the kids closet, or at his dealers house.

              Anyway, to sum up, most burglaries happen during the day when no one is at home in the neighborhood. Good storm doors make it harder for them to get in. A big dog barking is also good, but I have seen some where they didn't care. Some crooks know that almost all dogs don't bite, or they take the chance, or (I think) sometimes the dog hides and they never knew he was there.

              Other (more rarely) you will see burglaries when they know you are out of town or away, like at a funeral. There have only been a few times when, as I call them, Vacation Burglars have backed up a moving truck and cleaned someone out. It does happen. But by far, the majority of them are the kind who hit the whole street for thier TV and VCR.

              Write down the make, model, and serial number of everything in your home that is of value or might be stolen. Your stuff may not be in good shape if we recover it, but it would sure help us catch the guys.

              It is very depressing to have a whole street bitching about them wanting you to catch the guys who ripped them all off, yet NOT ONE of them has a serial number for us to recover their stuff and break open the case for us. And as far as witnesses go, when was the last time you stared out your front window???

              Home Invasions can most easily be prevented by being careful and not opening the door even a crack if you don't know who it is out there. And again, a good storm door, locked from the inside makes it a hard and long process for someone to force their way in.

              Lock your sliding doors, too. Get a broom handle and cut it off to put in the bottom so it can't slide. Sure, they can break the window and take it out, but let's not make it easier for them. Half the time when they break a window like that, they get cut bad and leave DNA and fingerprints everywhere. If they are cut bad enough, they don't stick around long enough to take anything.

              Besides, it's kinda easy to shop at the local emergency rooms to check for anyone with bad cuts that have come in.

              Weapons are also good protection against home invaders. But it is a big responsiblity. You can't just go by one. You need to learn how to use it, and you need to keep it where you can get to it. Chemical weapons, (like Mace) are also good for home defense. It also helps to have a flashlight and cell phone. that way you don't have to fight your way to the phone to call for help. You can take the phone with you as you run out the back door.

              Oh...another thing always get the name of ANYONE who works on your house cutting the lawn, air/heat, etc. These guys are often connected to the burglaries.

              I once worked a case where the cable guy was getting paid to tip off some "friends".

              Oh, and please ignore the typos here....typing kinda fast...

              [ 08-24-2001: Message edited by: Sparky ]


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                Originally posted by TheHighwayMan:
                Dogs are good - like German Shepherds,
                Doberman's, Rottweilers or any other dog
                that barks and looks menacing.

                I have a sign that reads: My Rottweiler can reach the fence in under two seconds, can you make it back over?

                I have had dogs in my house since I was a kid, Dobes (Magnum PI thing) and for the last couple of years Rottweiler's, The neighborhood was plagued with break-ins, my house someone tried to pry the side window open. But they did not get in, I found my gal sitting in the drive-way waiting for me. I knew I closed the window's, doors,so impossable for the dog to get out. I found a crow bar laying on the ground, near the window. This girl does not bark without being challenged, so the guy must of gotten half-way in to be met by my dog I phoned the police, the officer said in 15yrs on the job he has never been to a break-in, where they had a big dog....

                A friend of mine has a repair shop, customers cars where frequently broken into until they got a dog.

                I would have to say dogs are pretty effective.... Just my expercience...

                "I think the mistake a lot of us make is thinking the state appointed psychiatrist is our "friend."


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                  I just finished a online Rottweiler chat, one person did have her house robbed along with her 6yr.old Rott....

                  "I think the mistake a lot of us make is thinking the state appointed psychiatrist is our "friend."


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                    As shooter says Claymores do the business, I keep mine in the livingroom.

                    They look good over the fire place to.
                    Si vis pacem, para bellum


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                      I agree with most of the posts in here. If you need any more info Elaine you can e-mail me with any details you feel or any possible questions you may have about securing your house better. I have been in Police/security field for over 20 years while I may not be a expert at it all I can make a house secure from most breakins. I know this because it took me 20 minutes to break into my own house when I locked my keys inside. That sucked. Now I make sure I carry a hidden key.

                      Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                        If you're going out of town, you can always request extra patrol from your local police department! All you have to do is call the dispatcher and request it.


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