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Drew Peterson ----Take 1001


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  • Drew Peterson ----Take 1001

    BOLINGBROOK, Illinois (AP) -- Months after naming a former suburban Illinois police sergeant as a suspect in his wife's disappearance, authorities issued a warrant Wednesday for his arrest on an unrelated weapons charge, officials said.

    Drew Peterson turned himself in to face a gun charge. Police suspect him in his wife's disappearance.

    Drew Peterson turned himself in shortly after the warrant was issued.

    The gun, a semiautomatic assault rifle, was one of 11 seized during a search of Peterson's home November 1, shortly after Stacy Peterson disappeared in late October, said his attorney, Joel Brodsky. He said police claim that the rifle barrel was too short under Illinois law.

    Brodsky said that Peterson was still a police officer when the weapon was seized and that officers are exempt from the length provision of the law. Peterson retired from the force after Stacy Peterson's disappearance.

    Police are also investigating the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Her body was found in a bathtub in 2004. Her death was initially ruled an accident.

    After Stacy Peterson disappeared, Savio's body was exhumed, and an autopsy determined that she was the victim of homicide.

    The investigation into Stacy Peterson's disappearance has drawn worldwide attention. Authorities have said they believe she is dead, and extensive searches have been conducted in forests, marshes, lakes and other areas in suburban Chicago.

    The felony gun charge, unlawful use of a weapon, carries a penalty of up to five years in prison. Peterson was expected to post 10 percent of $75,000 bail to be released, authorities said.

    Peterson has been trying for months to persuade a judge to order the Illinois State Police to return the seized weapons. The judge already ordered police to return Peterson's vehicles and other belongings.

    A court hearing was scheduled for Thursday on a proposal from Brodsky that ownership of the guns be transferred from Peterson to his adult son
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    He is not exempt under FEDERAL law, there has to be a form 1, 4, 5, or 10 on a gun that is an SBR under federal law.

    Just pay your dues, and be quiet :-)


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        I wish they just let the man live his life.....if they find evidence on him linking the killing then charge em, otherwise.......move on.

        Innocent till proven guilty.
        Gov Blagojevich - "I'am the American dream...."


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          Ive been following this case for a while. Now it just seems like they want to get him on what they can, keep him locked up until they get the murder charges against him. I agree with StephDakel, let him alone. If he didnt murder his wife, he needs time to grieve. If he did, then get the facts and evidence then charge and convict him of murder.
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            There are a lot of those barrels and uppers sold without the FH in place. In MOST states that upper would be legal on an AR PISTOL, and federally papered AR AOW, or a federally papered AR SBR.

            Having it around like that with the FH not perm. mounted to the barrel is a clear violation of federal law UNLESS you have a legal use for it like that. He COULD have had it legally installed on a pistol lower and somebody else did some parts swapping AFTER the stuff was confiscated.

            ATF has gone so far in the past to use a very large pipe wrench to see if a FH will come off, if they get it to unscrew your toast.

            Just pay your dues, and be quiet :-)


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              He was charged with a violation of Illinois statute. If the Feds want a piece of him, I'm sure they'd charge him.

              The media has turned a criminal investigation into a circus. Remember less half of what law enforcement wants the public to know gets in the papers or on TV.

              Unless one has inside knowledge, it's best to let the guys/gals working the case to handle it the way they see fit.

              They don't care how much you know, until they
              know how much you care.


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