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Who are the IDIOTS that design license plates?


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  • Who are the IDIOTS that design license plates?

    This past year has seen my state of Tennessee change from one THE easiest to read license plates, to one that is down right DANGEROUS.

    The new plates have a small section of DARK green in the center, which at times, makes distinguishing an 'O' from a 'Q'(and several other letters: V Y W, etc) almost impossible. The background is white, while the numbers/letters are black. It's the dark green center section that causes the problems.

    Do these folks go to 'special' classes to come up with these plate schemes, or what? They OBVIOUSLY have never been a cop.
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    Your state can't be worse than Florida's license plates. Ours are the worst in the United States.

    It's got to be a national conspiracy and your state is next on the list of getting "hard to read plates."


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      FL has so many, you need a scorecard to keep up on it. I've actually seen FL cops not recognize a FL plate.

      The worst one to me is the "Florida supports the arts" plate. Dark purple letters on a dark, pastel multi-color background. At night, it is often unreadable.


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        And here is the link with all 51 of them:


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          I noticed these while I was in WV a couple months ago. They REALLY look good...

          NASCAR plates


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            You think yours are bad? Just look at California's!

            Try and guess what a normal plate looks like...
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              Here's a list of the plates issued in Texas:
              Texas Special Plates

              (There are over one hundred of them)

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                Thank god for states with 3 plates...

                Regular civilian

                Government white plates

                Volunteer firefighter white and red
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                  Pa has a new license plate which has the states web address on it. Its not too bad to read since its very light (wite/yellow/light blue) however ever damn orginization from the FOP to college alumni.

                  Pa also has these awefull beaver plates and plates with pictures which become hard as hell to read especially at night. There has been forth an effort to get rid of them.

                  I think Michigan has only 3 tags all of which are easy to read and run through the Secratary Of State's office.
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                    In Ontario:

                    We have people in the job that no nothing about the job they do when designing our plates..the last job could of been the mailperson and then you get promoted to that job. Qualifications and experience not required to have a government job its *Who you know*

                    Red plates-Diplomatic plates(you are refrained from persecution in this country if you kill someone)you are then sent back to your country of orgin and fired from your job or given something less then diplomatic status.So, get a job as a diplomate from a foriegn country instead of the old saying getting a *license to kill* get *a diplomate plates*

                    Also, in our penal system here, the inmates make the plates so restitution is made doing time for good behaviour..

                    I know what a wonderful country I live in where we dont believe in captial punishment and you can get a red plate to kill people and not be persecuted..

                    Just a general note to add to the idiots who design and make the plates..


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                      Yeah, I'd say Texas cops have it the worst or close to the worst with over 100 plates that are possible in Texas. I personally like the Texas Radio Op.

                      That's what I'll be getting when I get my own car.



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                        I wish they'd do away with all these speciality plates.

                        If you want to express yourself, use a bumper sticker. License plates are for us to identify your car, not make a social statement.


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                          Well Nite, I agree, and there are definitely some plates that are just completely outrageous and are not needed, but as far as Texas Radio Op. plates go, they are needed because there were times during the big flood in Houston that a cop would not let a car through a certain area unless they had government plates or Texas Radio Op. plates because us hams were helping out the fire department with their communications. I think there are some, like Texas Radio Op., that are needed because there are some cops out their who need a visual implement to show our right to be somewhere. Not only that, but the Radio Op. plates are very easy to read from a patrol car. The letters and number are big and easily readable, and the only other thing on the plate is Texas Radio Op. in smaller letters at the top.



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                            I'd still prefer not to have a seperate plate for it. Instead, give you a winshield decal (which is not easily tranfrerred from car to car or stolen), which is cheaper and doesn't contribute to this plate-mania.


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