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    Last night, a bunch of us from the chat room somehow got on the subject of making an O.com movie. I don't remember all of the titles, but one was titled (something to the effect of) "An Officer but never a Gentleman".

    Since the room and forum can become somewhat dramatic at times, I find "As Officer Turns" a fitting name.

    We also discussed what actor/actress would play that part as ourselves in the movie. Someone suggested Katherine Zeta Jones for me, but I like Sandra Bullock. She's kinda neat. I even chose my leading man (I will say who later), played by Kevin Costner.

    Any suggestions on what a good name for an O.com movie would be, and what actor/actress would play your part?

    Have some fun with this.

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    I like "An Officer But Never A Gentleman". Stone Cold Steve Austin could play me. I get kids telling me all the time I look just like him, and we're just about the same size.
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      How about Return to Mayberry? Homer Simpson can play me!


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        You know the guy who play on JAG?

        Don't get him, he looks nothing like me

        Well, someone on this forum told me I sound a little like Jeff Foxworthy....and since I have red hair and a mustache........I guess that would be the simplest choice.

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          Hmmm, I'd have to go with Tom Greene for me



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            After much discussion and soul-searching, it seems that there is a tie for my role (because everyone else is dead).

            Choice A - Patrick Stewart (CPT Jean-Luc Picard, STNG)

            Choice B - John M. Jackson (ADM A.J. Chegwidden, JAG)

            Either would just need a BIG handlebar....
            Dave Kiefner
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              I would very much like to try out for the role of Toto


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                How about `A Fist Full of Donuts`
                Don DeLouise could play me
                Scream if you wanna go faster


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                  I would have to say for my part, It would be Mariel Hemingway. I also would say Sharon Stone.

                  My leading man would have to be Mickey Rourke or Mel Gibson. Those pretty blue eyes do it for me.

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                  "To each his own"


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                    I was once told (because I shave my head and wore colored lenses on my sunglasses) that I looked like Woody H. off of Natural Born Killers, although I don't think we look much alike. So I guess I'd go with Woody to play me.
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                      I still think Pee Wee Herman should play Gub.
                      You're just jealous, cause the voices talk to me.


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                        LMAO LiB! Did he tell you he was watching a Pee Wee Herman movie last night too? Excellent choice for Gubby, LiB.


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                          Originally posted by Lady in Blue:
                          I still think Pee Wee Herman should play Gub.
                          **Doin' the big shoe dance to the tequilla song**

                          Large Marge sent me.


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                            GUBBY!!! Put down that popcorn box!!!

                            How ya doin', muh brutha!!


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                              Gee, How could I be disloyal to my username!

                              [ 08-24-2001: Message edited by: wonderwoman ]


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