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Wonderful insurance explanation...


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  • Wonderful insurance explanation...

    Now, a disclaimer, first:

    I in no way mean to trivialize or make fun of the injuries suffered by those involved, or to make light of the likely considerable damage caused. I am not insensitive, just easily amused.

    /end disclaimer

    I was listening to the scanner the other night, about 2200, and heard what became a very interesting call in my neighborhood. It started as one of those ubiquitous "shots fired" calls - someone near the intersection of Minnehaha and Forest reported hearing one very loud gunshot from the area, didn't see anything. So a car was dispatched to the area. Before it arrived on scene, the call was updated - a second person in the neighborhood had called, also reporting a single shot, but also reporting the sound of a car crash - squealing tires, loud crash. Couldn't see anything, dispatch said, but wanted the area checked. About a minute later there was a call, apparently, from a third person in the neighborhood who insisted the intersection had just blown up and was on fire. Fire, dispatch advised, was enroute. Would a second car like to start that way?

    Police got there first, and immediately requested medics for an MVA, two individuals, conscious and breathing, minor lacerations but trapped in their vehicle. Oh, yes, and the intersection really was on fire, apparently.

    Turns out there was an explosion in the sewer, under the intersection, which blew the manhole cover off, and sprayed burning sewage all around...

    And what goes up, must come down. The manhole cover landed on top of a passing car, apparently doing quite a bit of damage. The occupants weren't seriously injured... And I walked over to the intersection this afternoon - a few char marks, some broken glass, etc... and a shiny new manhole cover. So it could have been worse, I guess...

    But just imagine the insurance claim that'll be filed... At least the two involved will have a heck of a story to tell.

    I wonder if a sewer explosion is an Act of God? :-)
    Sarcasm: Just another valuable service I provide.

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