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Mother Nature BITES!


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  • Mother Nature BITES!

    It was 53* last night at midnite when I went '10-7'. It's now 33*, with tonight's LOW expected to reach 11*. TOMORROW night, the LOW is expected to be 2*. BRRRRRRR......!
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    It's been a bad winter for bitter cold. last year we had a mild winter.

    I like to put towns in Maine on my homepage and watch their temps, everybody tells me how much colder it is up there. right about now, they're only 2 degrees colder along the coast than i am here. it's going down to 0 here on thursday night.
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      You're just as bad as my father in law! LOL He calls every day to see how the weather is up here. He called tonight to see how we were getting along in this "terribly bitter cold" weather. -15 isn't that bad...come'on. LOL And with the wind chill -30. He said that he wouldn't mention the weather he's having in Nite's part of the world. I said yeah....good idea...SHADDUP!
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        Yeah, it's only going to get worse here. Tomorrow's forecast: 6AM--26 mph winds, 17 degrees, windchill: 1.

        If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?


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          now, I live in the aforementioned corner of FROZEN HELL... and my standing air temp was -8 or so when I got home last night from patrol and had to take care of the farm.

          Windchills are another story entirely. We were borderline limited patrol. A few eedjits running traffic, the rest of us only getting out of the cruiser if COMPLETELY necessary. When the NAWAS squack box is going off hourly telling of DEADLY windchills...

          Still, I think cold for people not used to it is worse than for people used to it and prepared for it.

          This, however, is has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous...


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            11 straight days of well BELOW freezing temperatures here and no relief until MAYBE next monday or tuesday at this point.(possible mid-30's -- woo hoo, heat wave!!)

            and people wonder why i never complain about 90 degrees and humidity during the summer.
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              It's in the upper 60's here. It's almost cold enough to not wear shorts
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