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MALE officers: How do you REALLY feel about women cops??


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  • MALE officers: How do you REALLY feel about women cops??

    I'm only in my first month on the job and I'm really starting to wonder about one of the officers opinion of me. I know it could only be a pre-judged opinion because I haven't been in any situations for anyone to really say "Oh yeah, she's alright" or "She's not going to make a good officer." I was just reading an article online about female police officers and their male counterparts not being totally exceptant of them. I hear this one particular guy make comments about other females in other departments and I don't know what to think he means by some of them. To add insult to injury, I'm the lone female on our department. So what I'm wondering is how do you all TRULY feel about females on the job. Just like race relations in America, eventhough we've come a long way.. there is still plenty of room for improvement.

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    2 of the best cops I've ever worked with were women. One of them was 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing and older than my mom....but she was one of the best goddamn cops I could ever ask to work with.


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      ooof, well, I have only worked with 2 before. The first one that comes to mind, I had never truely seen in action, but she was in the military and seemed to carry herself well. The second one, forget about it. She stood by and watched another officer break up a fight, my partner and I had to take care of the second person involved.


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        I think that women belong in LE. Our agency got our first female officer about 5 years; boy, you should have seen the opposition. I think that its an issue that bigger agencies dealt with 20 years ago, and it shouldn't matter.
        I get along great with our females ( we have 2 now).


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          They are a necessary evil....only kidding I have worked with many good female officers aswell as a few totally useless ones. However, I can say exactly the same about my male collegues. IMHO as long as female officer can protect herself (or me) when the going gets tough, there's no problem (again that applies to men aswell). I have never witnessed sexism in my station, you'll only get a hard time from the other officers if you are a cr#p officer and then it does not matter what sex you are. I think that you will always get friendly banter, just make sure you give as good as you get.
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            You wil, invariably, run into someone who feels that way. Every agency has them, so it's up to you to do nothing more than you normally would to perform your job. The bottom line is, you made it farther than other people have, so you must have prooved something to someone already.

            This is advice for a rookie, not a female rookie...don't try to fit in with everyone first off. Be professional, be respectful, and get involved when possible, but don't push yourself on the rest of the team. It only helps to alienate you. With every team/squad/shift, there is already an active hiearchy and, dare I say, clique. You'll be the new "guy", so you won't exactly be welcomed with open arms. Just relax, live, learn and do your best. Before you know it, you'll be accepted as one "them".

            My experience with females. I've worked with some that had more heart than any guy I knew, but by the same token, I've worked with some that made me want to handle a hot call by myself than have them back me up. I can also say the same thing about male cops. There are some that had my respect from the get go, and others who never will.

            Some say that women are my sympathetic(or maybe empathetic), but I don't think you can make generalizations like that. I've seen some that were excellent cops, but in the situations that sometimes call for a delicate touch, and have generally been reserved for females, become even more calloused than a male.

            Suspects...some respond favorably to females, others negatively. Depends on their view of women.

            Besides, if it wasn't for women, WE'D have to search the skanks!


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              I have two partners that are women. Other than the fact that I feel there is too much estrogen sometimes, they are great to work with. I have had one of them back me in a fight, and her performance was not a problem. I work on a daily basis with apporx. 6 female officers, one of which trying out for SWAT with me. How can you complain about that? You can either do your job or leave. I have also observed the biggest baddest guy "place" himself into handcuffs at the request of female officers. This same guy would want to fight it out with a male officer. Male, female, black, white, asian, or any other thing you can think of, I dont care. We are ALL LEOs. If you do your job, thats what matters.
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                Besides, if it wasn't for women, WE'D have to search the skanks!

                Men gotta love em!

                I was wondering the same thing but summer you beat me to the question. Then i thought about what you said and i really don't care what men think of women officers. If its meant to be then its meant to be. As long as you have complete loyalty towards your partner and protect him with your life that should be good enough.
                "To each his own"


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                  At one time, I had two female Sergeants and three female Deputies that I worked closely with. I still have a female partner and one female Sergeant. If I had a problem with female officers, I would definitely be in the wrong department

                  As others have stated, as long as the PERSON does the job to the best of their abilities, it doesn't matter if they are male or female; black, white, brown, green or purple. We are all Law Enforcement Officers.

                  No matter what uniform we wear.

                  I, too, have worked with some questionable officers, both male and female. If they aren't cut out for the job, they aren't cut out for the job.

                  Optimistic pessimist: Hope for the best, but expect the worst.


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                    The BEST partner I EVER had was a woman. I would not hesitate to be partnered with or be backed up by a woman officer.
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                      Whether I am working with a male or female makes no difference to me so long as the person can do the job.


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                        I agree that as long as the PERSON does the job they are ok in my book. I never have had the oppertunity to work with a bad female MP but have had a lot of lazy *** male MP's who I think were better off as cannon fodder than the air they breathe. I think you should just go with the flow and see what pans out. You can not please everyone and those that do accept you as one of them will be the ones who are the better people. Good luck in all you do.

                        Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                          Both setbacks I have had in my career were on account of female officers. First one thought she was the baddest b*** who ever wore a badge, but could sure disappear in a hurry when the real fertilizer hit the oscillating ventilator! Goes sucking up to our sector supervisor with a bunch of BS lies. That little a*s kissing EASY DOES IT takes it right to the Chief, and I get called in and get reamed out good!

                          The other one was a whining, stuck-up, anti social little snot who was not cut out for the job, or any other job that involved dealing with people. I was going to be suspended for a week without pay for allegedley being brusk and intimidating to her, all according to her SGT, who was looking for nothing other than my position.
                          This was a private security company; that top manager who made that decision was about as worthless as a chocolate teapot himself, and I told them where to take that job, and where to stick it. I found out a short time later that little witch who started all the trouble was none other than his frickin' daughter!
                          Needless to say, neither of them lasted long in the business.

                          Had one other; she thought she was passed over for a more favorable position because she was a female. I had to tell her the problem was not her gender; the problem was HER! Her attitude clearly conveyed that she wasn't going to go out and do the same work as the rest of us; she was going to go out and outdo us all! I told her until she learned to pull in those horns, and go along with the norm of things, her chances were slim to none of ever getting transferred.

                          You get those who think they're Billie Jean King's cadre, those who think they're bigger and badder than any man, and then on the other side of the coin there are those who bat their eyelashes and shake their little butts to get their way.

                          However, for the most part, I have had pretty good luck working with female officers, and there is a place for them. I admire a female police officer who does not forget they are a lady first, yet can still be "one of the guys."

                          I know it's a passionate subject, and I know exactly how you feel, but let's watch some of the wording. Thanks....Lawdog

                          [ 08-23-2001: Message edited by: FLLawdog ]
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                            I may only be an explorer right now, but I believe a female officer can just as good a job as a male officer. We all have one common goal, and that is what we do. Be safe out there guys.
                            "Hello? Operator! Give me the number for 911!" - Homer Simpson


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                              In my career, I've worked with useless femal partners too. And there have been no shortage of useless male counterparts. I guess where I'm going with it is that geneder isn't the issue.

                              I think DMS is saying roughly the same thing, right?


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