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Ninja bikes


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  • Ninja bikes

    Does anyone have one? The ones I see here drive at break neck speed and weave in and out of traffic. They startle me sometimes.
    We had a man killed here a few nights ago. He was at a red light and witneses said he just took off before they even had their foot off the brake.
    A truck was turning into the outside lane when this Ninja weaved from behind a car. He was going so fast, neither he or the truck could stop. The man on the Ninja bike was killed and I could see the man in the truck leaning up against it crying. He was not charged in the accident. It was excesive speed and lane changing on the part of the Ninja bikes rider
    It's just so sad tho. Even tho the man in the truck wasn't charged, he will probably carry this with him his whole life.
    This would never have happened if the guy on the bike had just slowed down and stopped weaving in traffic. There wasn't much left of the bike and it was certainly distressing to see the biker covered by a white sheet.

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    I have owned a ninja before a currently own a different type of sports bike.

    These types of bikes have a bad rep due to young dumb kids getting them as their first bike and ride them like they are indestructible.

    I hate these type of riders because they are a danger to everyone. My personal philosophy is that it is not the bike but the rider. I like these types of bikes because they are easy to maintain, they respond well, they are quick, and they are a blast on windy roads. In town, I am mr. safety defensive driver man! I drive the speed limit, look both ways in an intersection, and am always on my toes.

    The problem with these kids is that they think they can weave in and out of traffic and never look where they are going. They are highly inexperienced and have no business being on a very advanced bike that is built for racing between speeds of 150 to 200 MPH.


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      I think that's what happened here. Witnesses said he took off from the light so quick, the cars hadn't started to go through the intersection. He was behind a truck, weaved, around him, weaved behind another car and hit a truck that was turning into the outside lane because he saw no one in that lane.....until the ninja bike weaved again.
      He didn't have a chance. The man in the truck was so distressed. I felt so bad for him.
      You know, they used to say a person was an A-type personality (a real go getter, agressive) or a B type calm). But they now have intouced, in the psychological world, a T-type....a person who takes risks and can't get enough excitment in their life.
      I know I have been startled by people on ninja bikes when I change lanes. I have had to whip back into my lane when I see then weave. Scares me everytime.
      Those bikes really scare me because I have never seen one that wasn't flyin like a bat out of hell.


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        I think that I have some type T personality in me, but I also have common sense, the mostly unused element of some people on sports bikes. I have enjoyed many adrenaline type activities in my life, but I cannot enjoy them unless I feel that I am being safe. My life is not worth the excitement I feel of an adrenaline dump. I have entirely stopped some activities due to injuries. The sadness of this incident is that the young man will not be able to have a life, and for what? A rush? Its just not worth it.


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          Had a few over the years. Nicest one was a Ducati 748. What a ride! But it's not a NINJA Bike, this would be more of a...PASTA bike because its not japanese made, it's italian.

          Common sense is the major factor in everything. Whether it be getting a cop job, or riding fast on your motorcycle. Sure, i've taken the bikes to the limit, but never with any danger to anyone else but myself. I didnt rip loose with wheelies in the middle of freeway traffic, or sit at a stop light lighting up the rear tire so everyone can see how "cool" I am.

          I am guilty however of taking a 99 Ninja ZX7RR up to a radar verified 172MPH. woo, good times.


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            Originally posted by Mitzi:
            Does anyone have one?

            Not a Ninja, Ninja = Kawasaki.

            Mine is a Triumph, a Sprint ST.


            You're right about the bad rep. Seems like there's always some young turd (referred to as SQUIDS) riding a wheelie or flying low down a residential street. Makes all of us look bad.
            "Trust me. I'm from the government, I'm here to help."


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              the squids run out and buy a liter bike, but don't wear a lid or leathers and are always out trying to show up the cagers.

              [ 01-21-2003, 02:29 PM: Message edited by: p01ic3m4n ]


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                I for one do not think that ninjas should be riding motorcycles.

                Reason 1- The tabi boots they wear may slip off the clutch.

                Reason 2- Their swords could become entangled in the wheels or drive systems.

                Reason 3- Since they operated mainly at night, they would be hard to see. Would ANY self-respecting ninja wear a reflective vest? I don't think so.
                People have more fun than anybody.


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                  LMAO! Too funny.
                  "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day. " -- ???


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                    I think they look neat wrapped around telephone poles and trees. Of course the person that was on the bike doesn't think so, if he survived.
                    RADAR is the 8th wonder of the world.


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