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Use of force decline with taser's....


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  • Use of force decline with taser's....

    Just to get your feel from your respective agencies. Since we have introduced ours in 2005, the need to use force to arrest people has gone down considerably. In a few scenarios I've encountered, the mere act of pulling the taser out of my holster has stopped fights, acts of aggression, and taken the fight of a subject significantly.

    Has the presence of a taser helped you to reduce use of force situations along with injuries? Just taking a informal poll.
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    Prior to my agency having tasers, I would say I was in somewhere between 2-5 resisting/obstructing level arrests per month. Since getting the tasers, that number has decreased approximately 50%.

    The main thing I have noticed is that if somebody is froggy from the get-go and the threat of the taser comes into play, most guys who have been to county or DOC figure it's time to stop chest puffing, because they are about to take a ride. I can't say I have had a single person blatantly ask to be tased.

    The exception is resistance at the point of arrest. I have noticed that the chances of violence have changed from the original contact/interview/notification of arrest, to the actual "first touch" of arrest. You are in closer, and with the rig we carry, it usually still goes to defensive tactics/CQB for awhile, because getting the taser out isn't feasible at that distance while somebody is resisting.

    Tasers have helped, overall.
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      My dept uses the old m-26 giganto model of the taser so most of the time it's in the trunk if you get the honor of finding a working one. Our taser policy is written more complicated than our shooting policy so it's easier to just whack somebody with the good ole PR-24 and be done with it.

      We are getting the x-26 (supposed to have had it a year ago) but no one knows when.
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        We each carry an X-26... its been an invaluable tool and a fantastic investment
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