From WLOS (Channel 13 Asheville NC) website:

McDowell County Man Killed In Police Shooting

Tennessee police shoot and kill a man from McDowell County and now his family and friends want an explanation. Jamie Russell and Butch Cassidy were pulled over by officers in Pigeon Forge early yesterday morning. Police say Cassidy began to step out of the vehicle with a gun so they fired, killing him. The two officers involved are on administrative leave while the department investigates. Russell remains behind bars in Pigeon Forge on charges of marijuana possession. He tells family members there was a gun in their vehicle, but that Cassidy never touched it.

now his family and friends want an explanation.
I hate how media writes this stuff.

Here's your "explaination":

The POS became a threat to officers and they shot him. That's it. Go home now. Train the next generation that you don't get out on a vehicle stop with a gun if you REALLY want to live. If he had malice in his heart, then give the officers an award, pat them on the back and go on. If he's just that stupid, then it ain't really no big loss is it?"


Butch Cassidy
It HAD to be the name! It was in his genes!

Wonder if his buddy the stoner had any nicknames?

Maybe........................."the Sundance Kid"???

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