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  • Damn knee

    Have any of you ever had knee problems that you needed to see a dr. for? I am wondering if I should see a doctor or not. I've had this before and it went away in a few days, but not this bad and it's been like this for about a week + now.

    It's stiff when I bend it and there's "water" in it. It's squishing out all sides of my knee cap. Usually knees stick out, well mine is sunken in because of the swelling. When I walk up the stairs, I feel lots of pressure and a little pain. It's aggrivating more than anything! Can knees get worse over time because it sure feels like it. I skipped my weights (squats, hamstrings, calves, etc) for over a week to let it heal but it ain't healin!!! Grrrrr.

    I did my squats today to see how it would feel and though I didn't feel pain I felt an uneasy tight feeling like I wanted to baby it. I felt a little bit of a pulling too, not a clicking noise but like something was tugging. I think I'll give it up for a while.
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    A buddy of mine with the Sheriff's Dept. screwed up his knee the other night. Torn ACL. He did it getting into his squad car.
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      GO SEE A DOCTOR! Could just be bursitis or maybe something serious....you'll never know if you don't go to the dr.


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        Sometimes, after I run....may not show up for days...whenever I go UP steps, it feels like an ice pick is digging in right behind my kneecap. I have ZERO discomfort while running, and walking doesn't bring it out...JUST going UP steps. I must be getting old....
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          The tugging ,pulling ,clicking is more than likely a torn meniscus. BTDT...twice as a matter if fact.

          Had another surgery a few summers ago.

          The meniscus is the "bearing pad" that separates the upper leg bones and lower leg bones and it is located right behind the knee, it is a soft pad of cartilage that keeps the bones from rubbing together. Unfortunaley, this is prone to damage as it can be split, torn or abraded and it may hurt or it may not. The bad thing is, you may hurt your knee and while it can be annoying, after several weeks or months the pain may eventualy go away. What is happening here is that the jagged edges of the tear are wearing themselves down so that they arent interfering with each other. The clicking sound or lumps or pressure you feel is more than likey this. Excessive fluid buildup is due to the knee trying to compensate for the damage.

          Generally ,arthroscopy is the recommended "fix" as they go in and smooth any abrasions or irregularitys in the meniscus.The down side is the cutting away of the meniscus reduces its bearing surface and though eventuall wearing away after a period of time the bones of the leg start to contact each other and wear against each other. At this point, arthritis will set in and really make your life miserable.

          After knee surgery, physical therapy of the knee is usaully done to restore the natural motion of the knee.

          Dont take the pain like I did for so long. It tends to make one cranky. Get the sucker fixed, when you walk out of the hospital, the relief will be immediate.

          At least get it checked. Dont wait, it'll just complicate things later on down the road.

          And YES, shooter...you are getting old....
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            I am going to make an appt with my doctor on Monday, but who knows when I'll actually get to see her..she's booked all the time. I don't know if this helps, but I noticed that when I sit in a chair and extend my leg, there's a grinding noise coming (and a popping feeling) from directly under my knee cap. I just got hired!! This figures, I hope I pass the physical! We are talking elderly people and having to assist them with their daily activities. Some of which are getting in and out of a van, whirlpool tub, etc. Lovely.....

            Thanks for the advice though, I am not one to ever have bone/joint problems. I've never even broken a bone or had an accident in my life. My biggest problem (literally) was by breast size [Eek!] and I got that taken care of with surgery!
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              Be careful of those knee problems: They can lead to Gout. And I can tell you, Gout is painful!

              See the doctor [Eek!]

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                you have a new PM!!1


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                  If you are starting to have joint problems then start taking dietary supplements such a Cod Liver oil, Glucosamine sulphate and Chondroitin. They improve the joint by encouraging cartlidge growth and basically oil the joint. I have been using them since I broke my ankle.


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