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  • What kind of dog?

    I was curious to see how many here have dogs, what kind, and the cool stuff about your dog that makes you love the little beasty.

    I have a 14 week old black lab named Drake. He lets us know when he needs to go out, and can come, sit, lie down, stay, bark, give his paw, and potty on command. Right now he is being taught not to chew on my shoes, belts, or couch pillows, as well as how to walk on a leash. After that comes socializing with strange people and dogs.
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    I have four German Shepherds. Lots of work (we actually do work), and lots of fun.

    We don't seem to have problems with break-ins and vandals and such anymore.

    A couple of years ago, we had a rolling gang fight come through the yard (I call them wannabe gangbangers....we can't hardly compare Grand Rapids, MI to Los Angeles!). My little son was approached a little too close (these idiots were fighting and never saw him)....the dogs....didn't appreciate this. They took care of business...to say the least. When the police arrived....and they arrived quickly due to a neighbor reporting a gang fight with weapons interrupted by four BIG angry dogs....the big bad gang banger wannabes practically begged the police to get them out of there.

    If I recall correctly, that was about three or four years ago.

    It has been very quiet in this neighborhood since....


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      I'll let you know whenb I attempt to purchase my new family member.. its in the making.. going to the pound this week. finsta buy me a new dog... its time.
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        My wife has a Chihuahua named Sammy. We adopted him about three or four weeks ago. He's not so much a dog as a spring that bounces off the walls for eight or nine hours straight. Way too much energy for me.

        Like I posted in another thread, my kind of dog is a lazy hound who sleeps on the deck all day.
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          My little dog, Nickie, who I lost just last Thursday, was a poodle/terrier mix who showed up at our door at Christmastime, 13 years ago. He was malnourished and frightened. There was something about his eyes though, that grabbed the heart and said we had to take him in. He was a matted up mess, so the first order of business was to bathe him and see what was under the mess. Then, it was to the vet and to the groomer, followed by intense nutrition therapy and lots of "affection" therapy. He was about 6 months old and surprisingly, housetrained. I was working nights at the Sheriff's Office, so every night before I went to work, I would swaddle him in a baby blanket and rock him to sleep, then leave him safe and warm in the chair. When I got home from work the next morning, I would put him outside for his "potty ritual" then we would hit the sack (Nickie was NOTHING without his 20 hours of sleep ). He eventually got to where he would relax when he slept, instead of being stiff legged and ready to run. He also got to where he wasn't afraid for us when we were vacuuming the floor, and didn't tug on our pant legs with his teeth, trying to get us away from that THING. He went from being sad and scared to happy and outgoing in a few months time.

          He loved to GO. I took him to Yosemite (he liked snow and watching the ice skaters), to the beach (he liked to eat seaweed and chase seagulls, but barked at the waves) and anywhere else I took him. He loved most people and folks were drawn to him because of his sweet face and happy disposition.

          He became a fixture in the family. His favorite thing to do was open presents. At Christmas, after he opened his own presents, he helped everybody else open there. Pulling the paper off boxes and tearing it up...he had a blast!

          I do miss my little friend, but I hope that now he's in Heaven chasing rabbits and eating all the "people food" his little belly can hold. And I do hope he knows how much I love and miss him.
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            I also have a chihuahua, 13 years old, named Munchkin. When I first got him he was two months old, full of pep, and barking constantly. He still barks ever time someone comes near the house or he sees a cat in HIS yard but is slowing down in other ways, as I am also. He is almost as old as I am in people years. According to my calculations, in a couple of years he will be older than I am.

            He learned to use the doggy door with no problems. I pushed him through a couple of times and after that he knew what it was for. He loves to snuggle up beside me under a blanket while I watch TV and sleeps at the foot of my bed every night.

            The only problem is that lately I occasionally see a possum in the back yard. I just hope Munchkin doesn't get in a fight with it because people tell me possums are really vicious.


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              I have 2 Yorkies, Mitzi and Bru....Both rescues. Mitzi came into my life when I was really low and helped me through a bad time in my life. She's very sweet and VERY smart. A very special dog! Bru was not wanted and destined to be put to sleep by his breeder when I got him. He's huge for a Yorkie, 18 pounds, but very timid except for if someone rings the doorbell or if he hears a noise outside. He's really a big baby, not as smart as Mitzi but so loveable.


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                Mitzi, I know what you mean about your dog helping you through a rough period. Munchkin did that for me for several months until I adjusted. After the kids grew up and left it was nice to have someone to come home to after work, even if it was just a dog. I don't think of him as "just a dog" now.


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                  Sorry for your loss, Auntysuz.. We all know what it feels like.

                  I've got three dogs (All of which live with my dad in SW Ireland). One Cairn Terrier, Ozzie, who is 8 years old and i've had him since he was 5 weeks old. (he's lived with my dad for last 3 years, he loves the space in ireland). he's the sweetest thing in the universe. when I visit my dad Ozzie wont leave my side, exept when he's chasing rabbits/foxes/COWS. He loves to roll in sh*t.

                  The other two are british bulldogs. Its unbelivable that with their lack of brains that their gene pool has survived! Poppy is about 2 years old and Moe is about 6. poppy is Miss. Energy and actualy walks into walls. Moe is the male and he only gets off his *** to eat and he petted


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                    2 dogs. A fat lazy basset hound (3 years old) and a 1 yr old cairn terrier. The basset hound HATES going outside and all she does is whine and it's funny...the sounds that come out of her mouth. She think she's a lap dog and doesn't want to do anything but cuddle up on my lap and get hair and spit all over me. YUCK! I love her to death, BUT...I will never get another basset. They stink, shed are very high maintenance. Emotionally and physically.

                    My cairn terrier (looks like TOTO from Wizard of Oz, but wheat color)is still in the puppy stage. I have him gated off and has the whole kitchen to run around unless he's outside on his runner. YIP YIP YIP and CHEW CHEW CHEW. My daughter left a pair of Nike's in the kitchen one day and well.....they're history. Her fault! I warned her. He's a sweetie, but we need a new house with land and a fence to let them run free and get more exercise. Puppies will be puppies though! It's not uncommon to find a whole roll of paper towels chewed up and not be able to find the dog.
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                      We have a German Shorthair Pointer female that is almost one year old. She is very high energy, and plays all of the time. She is also extremely protective. It's very funny to hear such vicious growls coming out of such an unintimidating package. I hope to add a yardmate for her soon. If I do, it'll probably come from the pound.
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                        5 year old Jack Russell Terrier named Milo. "the king of the neighborhood" -- or so HE thinks. the proverbial "big dog in a little dog body"

                        he's my pal though. his evening routine consists of sitting on my lap all night, following my wife around the house, or roughhousing with my son.

                        extremely vigilant watchdog -- i swear he can here an ant fart two blocks away!!

                        plus he shows his "demon teeth" when he gets mad when you tease him or if someone is near the house that shouldn't be. we laugh because it almost looks like he has dentures!!

                        if you want to be his friend for life just show him one of those "marshmallow peeps or bunnies". he goes nuts over them things. just a little bite though -- little dogs shouldn't be eating too much stuff like that, but try telling him that.
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                          A one year old Jack Russel Terrier named Ranger. Great companion, vigilante watchdog, and one hell of a gopher killer.


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                            I have 4 dogs:

                            1) Golden Retriever named SAble: Smartest dog I have ever owned OR seen, bar none. She'd make a GREAT drug dog....if I could convince my PD. Currently, we have NO canines.

                            2) Timber Shepher named CheyenneL 2ns smartest dog I've ever owned and THE most likely to rip your throat out.

                            3) Yellow Lab named Daisy(daughter's doing ): She gives my Golden Retriever fits....

                            4) Black Lab named Raven: Very loyal, and currently on her last legs. She was a stray that 'just showed up' one day. I think she's about 12 years old.
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                              I have a 2-year old blue heeler (Australian shepherd) named Jasmine. She's a high-energy dog that loves to run and is pretty smart. She learned the hand signals for sit, stay and SETTLE THE HECK DOWN!!! pretty quickly after her 2nd birthday when puppy stage wound down. She loves to "play battle" where I hold out a fist and she leaps around nipping at it. She'll also get all excited sometimes and run laps inside my house at full speed for no apparent reason.

                              Terrible guard dog though. Once she crashes on her pillow at night she could sleep through anything.

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