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  • The more things change...

    ...the more they stay the same.

    My son has just completed his "Human Growth and Development" class -- what we used to call sex education. At the beginning of the class, all the students took a test (annonymously) to help the teacher cover the areas that most needed it.

    Today, she sent home a listing of all the kids' answers to her questions. She SAYS it's so we know what they're talking about and areas that we may want to cover at home. I BELIEVE she sent it because it's funnier than he11.

    Some of the better responses (WARNING, some of this is pretty frank):

    How do you feel about the physical and emotional changes in your body now and that you will be going through?
    I feel kind of scared that I am going to get hurt during 'the time'.
    I feel weird. Does emotional mean liking people?
    I feel weird, gross, crabby, emotional.
    I feel weird and wonderish.
    You start caring about things that don't really matter.
    I get grossed out.
    I think that your parents need to tell you about more stuff.
    I'm kind of annoyed because my body is changing many ways but I don't like it.
    It's OK. I think I am turning more into a girl than I used to be.
    I don't like it and it gets annoying.
    I feel scared and creeped out.
    I think my emotional changes are changing very rapidly and my physical changes are, I think, are happening at the same time.
    I hate it.
    I feel different than how I felt when I was small.
    I feel like why take the class?
    I feel yucky.
    I'm uncomfortable about how large my stomach is.
    I feel weird and like I might do something that I shouldn't.
    I feel taller.
    Gonna have some trouble.
    Bad because I don't want to grow up.
    I don't care about what goes on in my body.

    What do you already know about the changes in a girl's body?
    I do know about some things but I don't want to talk about it.
    About their periods and how their boobs grow.
    That things grow and you get your period.
    I know they get a lot of hair on their legs.
    That you will have a baby.
    They get a pad and they develop in the breast area.
    I already know that girls get you know what and when they get older they get periods.
    Sometimes they get grumpy.
    They get acne if they don't wash their face. They stink if they don't wear deodorant.
    Their boobs get bigger and they get hair on their personal.
    Everyone grows -- I'm not very comfortable with this.
    That we're emotional, change is change. For example: On Sunday I was happy, the next minute I'm angry.
    I know that girls go through peer pressure and they go through a lot of changes. I don't really know exactly what.
    I know a lot about the changes in a girl's body.
    They grow babies.
    It's disgusting.
    Girls get hair in some spots.
    The vagina gets cells when you grow up, the cell is so you can have a baby and get hair.
    I know at least what you learn on TV.
    That they get pregnant and fat.

    What would you like to know about the changes in a gir's body?
    I am wondering why you have to go through a period?
    How come we get fat?
    Why do some girls get crankier as they grow older?
    Well, I don't know it all, but I'd rather stay with what I know.
    How do a girl's hormones change their body? Do they go to their brain?
    Why do most Grandmas have short hair?
    How their hair grows and how they start to stink?
    I guess I would like to know just the stuff that I need to know because I know they are coming.
    Um, I don't know. I guess I could learn a little more so I don't care what I learn about them.
    I don't want to know anything new.
    I would like to not know anything until older.
    How old do they have to be to have sex?
    How girls' emotions act?
    I do not feel comfortable writing about it.
    Do they get big feet?

    What do you already know about the changes in a boy's body?
    I will be a good listener.
    I think boys' privates get bigger.
    I don't know and I don't really want to know.
    I know that they get sperms, but I don't know what they are.
    Wet dreams, why they're cranky?
    Their peanuts.
    They grow and their wieners get bigger.
    Not a lot but they get bad B.O.
    They get stinkier.
    That when you get older, you may lose your hair.
    The sperm opens up.
    Our penis gets bigger and fills up with sperm.
    It's disgusting.

    What would you like to know about the changes in a boy's body?
    Why do some boys have small feet?
    What age should you start dating a girl or even like a girl?
    I would like to know what a boy gets when a girl gets her period.
    Anything the nurse and guidance counselor tell me is OK, well appropriate for 5th grade.
    What else goes on except for the stuff I said for #4 (grow and wieners get bigger)?
    Why are they so weird when they grow?
    Nothing because I am not a boy.
    Just stuff I need to know and not any extra.
    Nothing that I really LIKE to know, but I'm sure what I want to learn.
    I don't want to know anything.
    How to keep girls away from me?
    Do they get fat?
    Is there any signs that show when you're ready to make a baby?
    I would like to know nothing else than I already know.
    Do they get big feet?

    What do you already know about human reproduction and how babies are made?
    I know that girls get their period and have to shave.
    That only women can have babies and to make babies a man and a woman have to make out.
    That they are in this egg in your stomach.
    I know how they are made, but I feel uncomfortable writing it down.
    When a boy's sperm meets with a girl's uterus, a fertilized egg forms, I think.
    I know you get married, kiss, all that weird stuff, and you and your husband form an egg inside your body, it gets bigger and all of a sudden you have to go to the hospital where you have your baby.
    Two people have their jeans get mixed together and starts to form a baby.
    That the baby comes out at the bottom of your body.
    Uh...not much but I think that's because I'm not interested right now.
    A girl and a boy mate.
    I know you have to mate to do the process.
    You stick your wiener in between their legs and a sperm cell comes out on come.
    I know what you only can pick up.
    You should not hang upside down when you are pregnant.
    Girls have egg cells and boys have sperm cells and they have to meet.
    I know that you can either have a baby by pushing it out through your butt or by having doctors remove the baby through your stomach.
    Babies come from a mom's butt.
    A male and female go together and the male releases an egg into the female.
    I know that they come out at sea level, our tummy (it took me awhile to figure out he was talking about a C-section)

    What would you like to know about human reproduction or how babies are made?
    Just the facts.
    Not a lot because right now it sort of is gross to me.
    I wouldn't like to know anything until the video.
    Why do babies come out of their crotch and not their belly?
    Why do men and women have to make out to produce babies?
    I don't like spinach. In other words, I don't want to know.
    Why would anyone want one?
    Nothing because I am only 11.
    I want to know more about a girl's body.
    What does the sperm get transferred in?
    What is come and does it hurt to have sex?

    Add any other questions you have.
    Why are we making all these changes now?
    Why do we get more changes than boys?
    I have no questions to ask, but why do boys go to the bathroom standing up?
    Yes, how come boys don't have periods?
    Do all girls turn a little more girly?
    What kind of toothbrush is best for you?
    Why do some babies look fat, then when they get older they're skinny?
    How do you have a relationship between a girl and a boy?
    What's a boner for?
    What's a blow job?
    I don't have any more questions that I can think of becaause my brothers tell me a lot of things.
    Can I skip the Human Growth and Development class because it's stupid.

    Additional questions and comments after the video.
    Does it hurt to have a period and is it really sick?
    But how exactly will we know when it all starts? Practically everyone in this room gets cranky, has hair growing and hygiene.
    Do you want a fertilized egg? What if your egg is fertilized when you only like 10?
    Thanks, it was OK, but I lived.
    Caution and worry never accomplished anything.

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    ??????? [Eek!]
    People have more fun than anybody.


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      hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhaha hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha
      ahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha hahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahh

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        Oh geez...seems like I remember thinking some of the same things hundreds of years ago, when I was their age. [Eek!]
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          Why, please tell me, why are the youth of today so obsessed with the size of their...


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            I always suspected we came out of the butt.


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              Originally posted by Mike Tx:
              I always suspected we came out of the butt.

              We always knew you did.


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                i like to know the answers to these questions myself!!
                I'll post, You argue.


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                  Originally posted by SpecOpsWarrior:
                  Originally posted by Mike Tx:
                  I always suspected we came out of the butt.

                  We always knew you did.


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                    Scary. Completely, utterly, scary.

                    My fifth period class will love it.
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                      Nothing because I am only 11.

                      Why are 11 year olds being taught this in school? That seems a bit young to me. What would that be 5th or 6th grade? We had that class or one like it when I was in the 10th grade.


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                        This isn't taught in my school system until 8th grade.

                        Personally, all I remember about 'sex edu' in 5th grade...or any other grade...was passing around the 'R' encyclopedia, pointing and doing a lot of snickering. I didn't find out much more until I started driving....... LOL
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                          I had a sex ed. class when I was in the 5th grade -- I don't think that is too young at all. As scary as it seems, kids are having sex at a younger age now, so they do need to know this information.
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                            Originally posted by MadMax:
                            We had that class or one like it when I was in the 10th grade.

                            Did you also happen to notice a number of female classmates that "had to go visit an aunt" for a month or so, especially after they started gaining a bit of weight? [Wink]

                            I got sex ed in 6th grade, so I don't see 5th grade as too outrageous. Now if they start showing videos to my kindergartener, we could have problems.
                            Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                              In my 6th grade, there was this young lady, she was uh, very, uh physically advanced for her age. She was the friend of all the boys.

                              Vivid [Eek!]

                              Jim Burnes


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