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stats on race in police-citizen contact/stops (help please)


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  • stats on race in police-citizen contact/stops (help please)

    I'm writing a paper for a research class. My basic research is formed around race issues in police-citizen contact.

    I'm usig a data set from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

    I need some articles and other studies for the bakground portion of the paper. If any of you know of any, I would really appreciate any info any of you could give me that would help with the paper.
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    I don't know whether you're interested in how we do things in England and Wales but we're required when we do a stop/search to state on the form we fill out what ethnic group we perceive the person to belong to (eg. IC1 - White European) and then what ethnic group they perceive themselves to belong to (eg. W1 White British). Frankly, the latter scale is rubbish - there is no specific entry for "Arab" or "Black British" which tends to be what a number of people of African-Caribbean origin prefer. And it takes ages to explain and creates a great deal of suspicion in my experience.

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      Do you or your school have access to www.ebscohost.com? It's a great resource for research papers. I go to a glorified community college and they pay for access to many search sites. Check with your library.

      I have a few studies that I downloaded that I could send you but I don't think I can link to articles on their site.

      One in particular I have focuses on disrespect shown by police to citizens. It finds that white people are more likely to be subject to some sort of disrespect than minorities. And that being poor was more of a factor than race.

      I have some others that deal with perceptions of police and what factors affect it. Those are pretty good I think but they may not apply to your thesis statement.
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        Thanks for the tip. I would really appreciate the studies that you have. I'll check with out library to see if we have access as well.

        I'll send you a private message with my email address.
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          You might also check some of the Texas PD's websites for their Racial Profiling information.

          I know they put my departments up on the web.
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            Sorry for not saying so previously, but thanks for your response. However, I am looking for stat studies of US police-citizen contacts. Thanks though.


            Could you please PM me with your department name so that I can check the web page?
            "Integrity is like virginity. Once it's lost, you can't get it back." --drunkhunter


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              I guess I should have checked the webpage again before I said anything. Ours isn't posted now and the search engine for the city is down.

              I've PMed you the website
              RADAR is the 8th wonder of the world.


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