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  • pleurisy

    edited for spelling...

    Anyone else have it? ANY cures, remedies, witches brews that you've found to work?

    I get it rarely, usually as little as once or twice a year. When I get it, I would rather DIE. Was only *diagnosed* a year or so ago as that's what it is... but have had it on & off alot of my adult life. Dr. says there's nothing you can do for it. Sometimes taking a really deep breath THROUGH the pain will make it go away, that never seems to work for me.

    Had it tonight. Halfway through Dept mtg. Got worse and worse. Finally took some of my migrane Rx because it's got muscle relaxer *and* pain killer... figured it couldn't hurt. Didn't do a THING. Nothing helped until I came home, collapsed onto the bed, flat on my back. POOF, was gone in about three or four minutes. Well, not completely gone, I'm having a twinge here or there...

    for those of you unfamiliar, think of the stitch you get in your side from running... now multiply that by about 100. Move it around to your back, or BOTH sides. lower lungs at the same time, etc. That's pleurisy.

    Best part? No one really seems to know what causes it... could be viral, usually goes with some other illness, but not always...

    Any info or anecdotes greatly appreciated... commiseration COMPLETLY appreciated... [Wink]

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    My sister has it bad. So what did she do? she moved to alaska. Friggin' brilliant... not. Only made it so much worse. She doesn't have any cures but she too is looking for some. Anyone know of any?


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      funny you mention that, because I did ALOT outside yesterday. It *felt* fine, but the standing air was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 degrees. I was outside for several hours total, and somewhat strenuous. (I have a farm) That's the only *trigger* I could think of.

      Better this a.m., though I haven't headed OUT yet for chores...


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        I know how painful it is, my ex-b/f got it after major surgery. He wasnt taking deep enuf breaths on his little breathing machine thingy!

        He suffered with it for about 10 days, before deciding that it couldnt just be a normal part of the recovery. When he saw a lung specialist, the guy showed us the xray, and said a part of his lung had "grown together," and would never function fully again. So get treatment!
        "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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