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How old is too old?


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  • How old is too old?

    How old is too old to start a law enforcement career?

    Does your agency have age restrictions or mandatory retirement?

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    At your age USofA you should check into a retirement community or even a nursing home.


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      California Higheay Patrol.......Age:

      20-35 years of age (as of written test date).

      Maximum working age: Mandatory retirement at age 60.
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        I didn't see any....
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          I read an article in the paper (KC Star) about 6 mos ago about a guy that got hired at KCPD at age 55. His son has been an officer there for 4 years. The guy had been a plumber prior. The Johnson County KS, sheriff's office say that they hire for sworn officers up to age 62. So apparently ages 55 and 62 aren't too old to these agencies.


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            There is no age cutoff for the State of Wyoming. Mandatory retirement is at age 65. As long as you can pass the physical agility test & perform the job functions - you are welcome with our agency.
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              Originally posted by Mr. CO View Post
              At your age USofA you should check into a retirement community or even a nursing home.
              This profession is not for people looking for positive reinforcement from the public. Very often it can be a thankless job and you can't desire accolades, because those are not usually forthcoming. Just do your job to the best of your ability and live with the decisions you've made.


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                While not recent academy recruits, I have heard of some street level officers/deputies with pretty advanced ages. For example, there was recently a State Constable in South Carolina who was killed in the line of duty at the age of 67 (with 40+ years on the job). I have heard of 70+ year old officers being killed as well. While not an official police force, my college's public safety department has several officers that are pretty up there in years.


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                  As of last year, there was a deputy sheriff on active duty in Virginia and he was 78 years old!!

                  If memory serves me correctly, it was somewhere down close to Richmond -- perhaps Henrico County, New Kent County or James City County.

                  I've seen guys who are in their mid-forties smoke guys much younger during the PT test. Someone who has served a 'first career' in the military and retired from the service at 40 years old will still be on par with many "hot shots" who are 22 or 23 and fresh out of college.

                  If they can pass the tests and do the job, why worry about an age ceiling?


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                  The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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                    Remember that guy down in New Orleans who had like 40 or more years of service. He wouldn't go back and let someone else do it. He kept on after it. If anyone has the article still, send me the link.

                    If you can pass the test, bring them on.


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                      I hate to be the wet blanket, but working the streets is a young man's game - after 50 or so, unless a guy is truly an athlete and works out daily, it may be time to consider something less taxing. The stress is real - physically real and ages a guy. And, to go from half asleep in a squad to a foot pursuit in three seconds or less, can destroy a heart that is anything less than in perfect shape.

                      If a guy is fortunate enough to get promoted to a desk job or administrative assignment, that's different and more power to him. But the street?

                      I can't imagine wrestling for my life at 52 in some alley, with a 22-year-old dock worker or wired up jock. It might really ruin my evening.

                      While the law and political correctness forbid discrimination, these are times when self-discrimination could very well save your life.
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                        I just turned 45 & took the Chesapeake Police test 6 days after my birthday.....and can not wait to be a LEO.
                        Been wanting to for years, so here I go.
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                          In Iowa it is pretty well up to the agency as to age at hire. However there is a manditory retirement age for IPERS (statewide pension system) for the police/sheriff's dept . That is 65. My county just had a deputy forced to retire and I saw him last week...he is still mad and wishes he was at work.
                          Some of larger cities and the state patrol/DPS are not in that sysem.
                          No restrictions at all for the DOC. We kinda forced a guy to retire a few years ago at 75 because he #1 couldn't do the job and #2 was a danger to others around him.
                          I currently have a 67 yr old, a 65 yr old, and several in the 60 age range on my shift. The oldest is well able to retire with full 72% retirement but is having too much fun. The others are late starters and trying to maximize there percentage.
                          I strongly agree with Trooper. Its a young PERSONS game. I feel a manditory of 60 should be in force and trust me, at 55 I AM GONE because that is the first day I am able to collect a check from the system.
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                            I plan on being out the door at 55 as well, it's a long way from today though. I don't think it's a matter of "being" in shape, it's a matter of have you BEEN in shape for the most past of your life. If you're 55 and didn't get in shape until you turned 40, there's a lot of years of extra stress on your heart. If an old guys wants to get into LE, maybe do it on a part-time basis where he'll be partnered up with someone.


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                              45 years old


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