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What the Dixie Chicks looked like BEFORE airbrushing


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  • What the Dixie Chicks looked like BEFORE airbrushing


    this is TOOOOO funny. scroll down to the bottom of the article to see the "pre" airbrush look from "Airbrush Quarterly".

    TOO FUNNY!!!!
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    Personally....if they're gonna posed nekked, by George, DO IT! None of that 'stategically placed hands' crap!
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      Yes, that's definitely an airbrush. Natalie hasn't looked like that in years. Then again, neither have I.

      I for one am happy as a pig in mud that their 15 minutes of fame is coming to a close. I've never been fond of that group.


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        Here is a better version of the pic.

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          The Dixie Chick with the dark hair is hot.


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            Originally posted by CrazyinaJeep:
            The Dixie Chick with the dark hair is hot.

            if i was in bed with that and she looked at me with those cross-eyes i would definitely lose my...umm, well, nevermind!! scary!!
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              My eyes would be crossed too if I had to spend that much time with Natalie Maines.  -
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                DC released a TOP CLASS album about 5 years back. included one song with these words:

                "should have all worked out but it didn't, THERE'S YOUR TROUBLE" contained

                loved that song! I saw DC performing this top track in concert and it was a real stunner, the lead singer first told the audience that the song "was not 'for real'"
                "don't take the lyrics literally"

                ANYWAY DC have just released a new single in the UK which is playing relentlessly on radio stations right now like HEART and MAGIC

                boy I am totally sick of it
                it's mediochre and is not up to the album I described above (anybody got it? It was REAL expensive in the UK)

                DC are great entertainment on stage, no wonder their concerts are packed out
                from your old mate
                c h i e f y
                global chiefy to yer seadog seafarin' maties


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                  I just remembered an interview with the Dixie Chunks a couple years ago. I think it was Bride of Chucky, I mean Natalie, who was talking about their clothes. She said something about being the only country singers who don't buy their clothes at a store with a big plastic horse in front. Nice. Insulting their fans is nothing new to those arrogant, not-real-Texans. And their music sucks anyway.
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