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Ex-policeman jailed for faking gunshot attack


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  • Ex-policeman jailed for faking gunshot attack

    Horses ***$$$!!

    SCRANTON, Pa. - A former policeman who had reported that a motorist shot him during a routine traffic stop, then later admitted to faking the attack, has been sentenced to three to 23 months in jail after pleading guilty to making a false report.

    Daniel Morris, 25, of rural Waymart, told Lackawanna County Judge Michael Barrasse that other officers had gotten probation and were allowed to continue as police officers after pleading guilty to steroid charges. But the judge said Wednesday that failing to send Morris to jail would send a message to other officers saying, "Don't worry if you lie in an investigation, you'll get probation."

    Morris was a part-time Carbondale officer when he reported the shooting on April 20, 2000, setting off a major manhunt that reached into New York, involving more than 25 officers and a helicopter. Until the hoax was revealed, Morris' bulletproof vest was credited with saving his life.

    Morris never said in open court why he made the report, but state police investigators said he was depressed because he and his girlfriend had broken up.

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    Off-subject: Hey - my mom's family is from that valley. My grandmother lives in Scranton now, but mom grew up in one of the other towns in the valley.

    On-subject: What a wanker! I'm glad none of the officers on the false man-hunt was injured while on the false man-hunt! I'm curious - did this guy SHOOT himself, and then make up the story?


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      Unfortunately this is happens. Since I've been a cop, its happened twice in the county I work in. Both times it was people who were seeking " glory " for themselves. I guess its kind of like firefighters setting fires so they can be the hero.
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        Seen it once.
        People have more fun than anybody.


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          We don't need cops like this do we? the sentence was correct no doubt about it

          also, if he can do it once, he can do it twice, POLICE have enough to do without going on a red herring caused by a complete goit like him

          actually, how did he get "caught"? how did the matter get resolved as fake?
          he just turned around one day and said "hey hold everything dudes! I was only kidding!"

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          from your old mate
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            Yeah it was either for glory or a little free time off... the guy probably ran out of vacation time and had a trip planned... I wonder if he got paid leave for a few days until he came clean.

            and if he reads these forums... I'll be the first to call him a dumb***. "Ya dumb***"

            Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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              There was a police chief in a very rural corner of I believe Northeastern Ohio who accidentally(?) discharged his weapon through the front window of his cruiser. Rather than admittng to this, he made up a story about how he was shot at during a traffic stop.

              Initial news reports praised him as a hero, unfortunatly he was soon fount out..


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