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Who knows European historical geography?


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  • Who knows European historical geography?

    I realize this isn't the optimal place to ask this question, but I don't have the time to search for the right place. Here we go:

    Why are the "Dutch" from "The Netherlands" which is also known as "Holland"?

    I have money riding on the answer, so make sure you can support your theory.
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    From: http://www.thehollandring.com/

    Did you know...
    That when the name Holland is used instead of The Netherlands, it actually refers to the two Western coastal provinces, North and South Holland, which have played an important role in the country's history

    That centuries ago the North-West of the Netherlands was covered with trees... That's where the name Holland comes from; "holt-land", which means woodland.

    That The Netherlands is one of Europe's smallest and most densely populated countries.

    That both its people and their language are known to English-speakers as Dutch, a name derived from the old language named Diets. The old low-frankish dialects were very familiar to the 'low-german' dialects that were spoken in the most parts of northern Europe. Together they were referred to as 'nederduits' (low-german) and the language in the area of the low countries was called 'diets', which explains the name 'Dutch' in English.

    ... and that the supposedly Dutch story, known as the legend of Hans Brinker - who supposedly put his finger in the dyke to prevent a flood, was actually a literary invention by the American writer Mary Elizabeth Mapes Dodge (1831-1905), who was born in New York.
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      It's all correct. In the past Holland was one provincie but it became to populated, so it was split in north and south for the administration. A long time ago we founded New Amsterdam. We swaped it with the british for Surinam (dutch Guyana). The british changed the name into New York......Wall street, Brooklyn and Harlem remind of that time.
      I like visiting the Hollandring site.
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        You learn something every day.
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          Thanks, EXACTLY what I was looking for.
          Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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