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Every parents' nightmare....


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  • Every parents' nightmare....

    PLEASE tell me that there is a special place in HELL for predators like this!
    "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
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    Well, if they have any other kids, I think they might just watch the youngin's computer activity a little bit more closely now.
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    -Mark Twain


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      I will volunteer to send him there!
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        What SICK mf's the *******s are. I hope he rots in hell.
        "Why is it that our children cannot read the Bible in school, yet they can in prison?"


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          i am NOT defending anyone here, believe me, BUT the 13 year old girl met many other men on the internet and had sex with them. supposedly on her home page she stated how hot and sexy she was and would try anything at least once. 13 years old and a whore already...sickening isnt' it??
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            Yeah, that's sort of twisted. One wonders what kind of childhood she had that taught her that was okay ... too little love? Too MUCH "love"?

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              The girl was living with an aunt who had custody because the parents signed the girl over to her after a bitter divorce. The aunt & father were on The Today Show yesterday morning painting an "All-American, girl-next-door" image of the girl. Only at the end did they touch on the girl not being a virgin & her sexy chatroom talk.


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                Is there anyone to blame for this besides Mr. dos Reis Jr.? The only facts that we don't have to speculate on are:
                1) A computer was used to lure a minor
                2) A statutory rape was conducted
                3) A murder resulted

                All three facts were the results of Mr. dos Reis Jr's decisions. Just in case there isn't a special place in Hell for him, lets make a special place on Earth for him.

                Catch 22


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                  Young girl looking for attention is sad. They should just take the guy out back and put him to sleep.


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                    They had her funeral here today in Danbury.
                    Christina lived about a mile from me and the mall where this took place is on the other side of the highway from where I live. What really ticks me off is Dos Reis not only killed her but, drove her dead body 35 miles south and dumped her body in (King Merritt Estates) Greenwich. (my hometown)
                    I only wish I could have caught that dirtball Dos Reis in the act so I could've disposed of him myself saving court costs. No child deserves to die in such a horrible way.
                    " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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                      Really sad story about this little girl. I have 2 grand daughters about that age. 207 I believe the same as you they would have been more then one funeral in the town.
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                        Bail has been denied for Dos Reis. http://www.newstimes.com/cgi-bin/dbs...rds=1&id=29252
                        He continues to be held at Bridgeport Correctional where, if he's not segregated, he'll no doubt be receiving inmate justice.

                        Of course now the Brazilian community here is complaining that people are acting negative towards them after this murder.
                        Gee, I wonder why....

                        Lets see, last month a Brazilian bar was busted and shut down due to the sale and distribution of narcotics. About a dozen dealers working out of the place..

                        Complaints from residents that their property values are being negatively affected because neighboring homes are being rented and then sublet to several different families who turn garages, storage space, and even tool sheds into apartments.

                        Complaints that hundreds stand around at the bus station every day in search of work approaching vehicles that slow down or stop and thus causing traffic tie ups and accidents.

                        Of course then there's the usual fights, stabbings, and altercations at the bars, DWI's, car wrecks with no insurance, Reg. or license, etc, etc.

                        I think the public is just getting fed up with it all and this murder set things off.
                        " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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                          I dont care if the girl was a virgin, I also dont care about what she said in a chat room either. It makes no difference, she was a child, and no child deserves what she went through.

                          As for Dos Reis, he needs to be put on his, knees, made to beg for his life, then shot dead.


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                            I agree with SpecOps.. Lets not forget that this girl was a child whois very impressionable and does not posess the maturity and knowledge to make responsible actions.

                            It is ultimately do Reis's fault for this murder regardless of how she acted in the past.
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                            the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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                              The killer is the BG and totally to blame, because the kid cannot be held responsible.

                              This kid had emotional issues anyway - the parents divorced and dumped her off to a relative, who obviously allowed the kid to do whatever she wanted, which probably wasnt too far off from what her parents allowed.

                              sad story.
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