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Local Paper Out for Trooper's Badge


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  • Local Paper Out for Trooper's Badge

    From our local paper

    Coroner should call an inquest

    The Olympian

    Thurston County Coroner Gary Warnock should call for an inquest into the fatal shooting of felony fugitive Harley Moniz in August by Washington State Patrol Trooper Jon Nelson.

    An inquest jury of citizens, convened in Thurston County Superior Court, could hear all of the evidence in the case and provide the public with a second opinion of whether the shooting was justified.

    A Thurston County shooting review board consisting of law enforcement officers found no fault with Nelson’s decision to use deadly force against Moniz. Nelson fired three gunshots into Moniz as the suspect sat behind the wheel of his vehicle with four blown-out tires on a dirt road near Steamboat Island following a high-speed chase. Also inside the vehicle were Moniz’s 17-year-old fiancee and their nine-month-old son.

    The board concurred with Nelson’s claim that Moniz, who was unarmed, was using his vehicle as a weapon, which justified Nelson’s split-second decision to fire at Moniz.

    Colleagues of Nelson from the law enforcement community have ruled in his favor, and the Thurston County Prosecutor’s Office has chosen not to file charges.

    That said, it’s still appropriate for a jury of Nelson’s peers outside of law enforcement to review the evidence.

    An inquest by Warnock would remove any shadow of doubt over whether or not justice has been served.

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    And a link to the original story


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        Holy crap that is just sad.


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          I found the editorial annoying enough to add my two cents worth to the comments section.
          Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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            Story timeline

            1st link was broken
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              d'oh, sorry about that. Thanks for fixing it


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