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  • future of Officer.com

    Just curious.

    In the future will Officer.com change to be a LEO only website(especially the forums)?
    In other words no citizens allowed.

    Or will we be charged a fee$$ to help in the cost of bandwidth? Because the members are growing day by day.

    I've seen other Law enforcement websites for LEOS only, and heard of some that are pay sites. That's heard, I really haven't seen any for my self yet that ask LEOs to pay. I know I read it somewhere though.

    So what do you think?
    Royce is a Lady

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    I hope this doesn't turn into LE only! LOL! I enjoy coming to this site because it is for average citizens too. I hope that doesn't change.
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      Originally posted by Royce:
      In the future will Officer.com change to be a LEO only website(especially the forums)?
      In other words no citizens allowed.

      So what do you think?
      Well, with a modest investment, you too can reap the many riches of the internet by starting your own LEO-only message board.

      Myself, I plan on starting a 'no-Homers' message board.
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        I hope it doesn't change to no civilians. I have found it interesting, educational, sad and sometimes funny. I would be willing to pay a fee if required.

        I will be hopping in my minivan in a couple of hours for a 33-day vacation but will watch for new developments when I get back.


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          It's my understanding that anyone who isn't in the military is a civilian. Thus, police are civilians, too.

          But, yeah, it'd be a shame if this entire board got restricted to LEOs only...


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            Law enforcement is para-military, fashioned after the military, therefore we call those not in law enforcement civilians. I hope we don't lose civilian participation because it brings different things to the board & we need the interaction with the public.


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              Well I really don't know what caused Royce to post this. But I would seriously doubt that we would be making that type of change. One of the best things about this board is the interaction we get with the LE/civilian population. In many cases, boards like this may be the ONLY interaction that civilians have with law enforcement personnel.

              While I cannot speak for him, I can't imagine that Jim would even entertain a notion to ban civilians from the board. And until he raises our salaries, he'd BETTER NOT start "charging" for it!
              6P1 (retired)


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                Yeah, and with my luck if you DID want to start charging an access fee you would probably not even accept payment in Canadian (Tire) money (don't explain the joke to them, WonderWoman!)

                Hey, I think this is a great forum - I like to read about what goes on in the Excited States of America, law-enforcement wise, and pass on my woefully-lame-in-comparison stories. (Take that, USAcops.com!)
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                  This is just a guess, but if cost were an issue, Jim would probably sell advertising space before he went to a paid membership system that would be a PITA.


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                    I say lets start a website banning Royce.

                    All kidding aside though, Royce, who knows what the future holds?

                    I have seen some of those cop sites that charge to be a member. The sites suck, as do the 7 members on each site.

                    [ 05-22-2002: Message edited by: CopInNY ]


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                      Many boards, LE related and otherwise, do appreciate site contributions and offer those who contribute extra added advantages such as personal avatars and private forums strictly for their use. Some boards even go further by performing fund raising drives with raffles and/or selling specialty items to the highest bidder and then donating half or all proceeds after cost towards a cause important to them, ie for LE: a contribution to an officers memorial fund group. I am surprised this board hasn't considered either of these ideas. It's not all that much trouble with money orders and paypal accounts - and it's a benefit to both the site owner and the members who would want to support their favorite sites with more than only their words.
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                        I participated on ONE 'pay site'(It started out free, and WAS free for 5 years.). I was a 'founding member' of that site, but once I started 'paying attention' to where the $$$ was actually going, I dumped it. Do I miss it? Yes, but....
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                          I'd really like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the mods for all the things I have done to make them really mad this week, and last week. I really like all you cops and stuff, even that Niteshift dude, and don't think you should go pay per view or leo only because then no women would talk to me. I mean have I really been that big of a jackass? I'll post less if that's what you want, ok?

                          I knew we could get past this.


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                            Mike, what are you talking about???

                            Women don't even talk to you NOW!

                            Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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                              I'm just asking a question. I'm sorry if some members took it the wrong way.

                              And nor am I talking about banning members who are non-LEOs, I never said that. I wouldn't want to see that happen either. I ment would it go a non-LEO website because there would be to many members. Or would they except help from the members. Leos and non-LEOs.

                              I'm just saying it because, this happens to alot of websites when they grow in popularity.

                              And Officer.com is growing in popularity.

                              It's happened to websites that I goto, some even except donation from the members to pay for the bandwidth, because it could get pretty costly. I think someone said that sponsers pay for this site now, right?

                              But what if it wasn't enough? Would the owners except donations in the future. IF
                              it ever did change to a pay site.

                              I'm not saying that's going to happened here, nor would that be my business or decision.

                              [ 05-23-2002: Message edited by: Royce ]
                              Royce is a Lady


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