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Ladies...What would you do?


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  • Ladies...What would you do?

    Check this out

    Yet another strange article
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    If this was legal, I wouldn't be happy about it but I would go. If I had an excuse, they could excuse me there. But, I wonder, did he accept any excuses? What about kids they had to pick up or an elderly parent waiting at home or having to pick someone up at the airport? Going on jury duty usually means getting a letter so you can get your affairs in order or explain why you legally have to be excused at that time.
    I wonder what he said if a mother said she had to pick her kids up or something else. I would be one peeved Mom if I had to suddenly rearrange everything at the last moment for jury duty be demanded RIGHT NOW.
    But, if it's legal, what recourse would I of had? I just hope he accepted some pressing excuses there instead of making them go to the courthouse to be excused.
    For whatever reason, that computer glitch probably put a lot of women in terrible binds at the last miute.


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      I'm no lady, but this cowboy would have been met my official "cram it with walnuts" retort, quickly followed by "what, are you drunk?" question.
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        It's legal in Texas. A judge can order his bailiff or the Sheriff to round up jurors at a moment's notice. It wouldn't be pleasant to get tagged for jury duty this way but it would have to be done. I'm sure a judge would listen to reason if a juror had to be dismissed but, unless the children are very young, picking up kids can be arranged & is not excuseable. Contempt of Court otherwise.


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          Not too long ago, our (lame duck) District Clerk, ummm, boobooed, and let the jury pool go a little early.

          She wound up calling the Sheriff to "round up jurors" for a court that she had forgotten was scheduled that day.

          Our Warrants and Civil Divisions ended up going out with blank subpeonas and rounding up anyone who could serve that day.

          Luckily, she wasn't reelected
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