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  • Kids and TV's

    Twice now in our city, some poor police officers and EMT's have had to respond to small children killed by TV's that fall on top of them. Both times, the TV's were on something that was wobbly and fell over.
    When our son was 18 months old, I took care of 2 other kids the same age. One day, as I was changing one little girls diapers, I heard this scream. I turned and my son and the other little girl had tried to crawl in the bottom drawer of this very heavy dresser in the bedroom. That thing started coming over and I just barely managed to reach them. And this thing was HEAVY. It took two men to get it in the house.
    Well, our son managed to get out in time but the little girls legs was caught. It took every single bit of strength I had to get that dresser up right. My husband said he didn't see how I was able to because I'm not very strong. I guess it was like when you hear people have picked pick up a car or something when a loved one is under it. I just did it. Some heavy adrenalin must have kicked in. But, I'm glad I did or she would have been killed. The worst part was I had a humidifier on top of the dresser and when the dresser came over, it (and all the water in it), hit me in the face, splitting my lips badly.
    But, at least the babies were safe. We still have that dresser. We moved it this weekend and my son and husband both had a hard time with it, it's so heavy. My husband remembered the incident and said, "I will still never understand how you got that back up by yourself".
    Anyway, if you have little ones, be careful where you put heavy objects and remember they use drawers as steps. I think that's what happpened this time. I just thank God I was there or both of them would have been killed. But, at that age, I rarely let them out of my sight anyway.
    I just feel so bad for the parents and the officers and EMT's. These were such tragic accidents to have seen the aftermath of.

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    Generally, when people think about child safety, they think about power outlets and stairs and sharp objects. But I've never heard anything about securly supporting heavy objects that a child could pull down on themselves. I'm happy to hear that everything turned out okay with you and your family. That really makes you think though doesn't it? Stay safe.
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      Most folks (at least with any common sense) that have lived in earthquake country will have most things that can turn over anchored to a wall. All it takes is one time of having to pick up broken pieces of whatever that were sitting on top (or shelves) of some piece of furniture when it turns over to make them realize this.

      OBTW something a LOT of folks do NOT think about is the water heater! Not that kids are likely to turn it over, but a good shaker sure can. Anchor it!
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