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Cop dies of 40 year old gun shot wound


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  • Cop dies of 40 year old gun shot wound,2933,294086,00.html

    What are your thoughts? Charge him with murder or leave it alone?

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    Try him, convict him and kill him.
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      im with trooper. it's murder now.


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        I am reminded of our own Trooper Henry Noel Harmon whom I got to meet once, he too was forever crippled up because of a shot to the back of his neck.

        As 1042 said,
        Try him, convict him and kill him.
        After all, he hasn't been a paraplegic all these years, he hasn't been limited in his activities beyond the results of his own criminality, he has enjoyed life as well as he wanted to.

        High time to ante up.

        (ps ... from story ... "Lawyers asked about the case said prosecutors would be on solid legal ground to charge Barnes")
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          In Ca the victim has to die with in a year of the assault to bump the charge up to murder
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            If they can charge him with it, I say they should. Guys needs to feel justice.
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              Would we have charged him with murder if he died a few weeks after he was shot?????? Yes.

              Would we have charged him with murder if evidence didn't link him to the crime as a suspect for this many years and suddenly we realized he did it? Yes.

              Charge the scum. Convict the scum. Sentence the scum.
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                Yes, they can charge him.

                But on the news they are saying word is it would be hard to prove as a "murder" case.


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                  Originally posted by iMarkVideo View Post

                  What are your thoughts? Charge him with murder or leave it alone?
                  Won't this be argued as double jeopardy?

                  Was he initially charged with first degree assault?

                  How likely will a conviction be?

                  Has the perpetrator lived a productive, crime free life since getting out of prison? That would color the jury and getting a conviction could be tricky.

                  Just some thoughts...

                  Life begins at 40...


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                    Won't this be argued as double jeopardy?
                    Well, considering that at the time he was originally charged, the officer was still alive, so he couldn't have been charged with murder then. And double jeopardy only applies to be tried for the SAME crime twice. Therefore, because he wasn't originally tried for homicide, I wouldn't think this would qualify as double jeopardy, and therefore he could be tried for murder now.
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                      Charge him. Had the officer been killed 40 years ago, this guy would still be in prison.

                      It is my understanding this officer did not have such an easy go at life after the shooting.

                      He may be reformed and a nice guy, but he's a cop killer and he needs to pay his debt to society.


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                        In most states, the victim has to die within a year. There is no way in hell that they'd ever be able to bring a murder charge against this guy.

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                          He shot the gun. if it takes 50 years to die from it, its still murder.
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                            PC 194: Victim must die within three years and a day

                            Originally posted by mdrdep View Post
                            In Ca the victim has to die with in a year of the assault to bump the charge up to murder
                            I believe under Calfornia (under PC 194) to charge either Murder or Manslaughter, the victim must die within three years and a day. Other states probably address the issue differently, but (IMO) any way you look at it the defendant should have received a stiffer sentence than the 10-20 years he received. The officer ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The defendant should have ended up in prison for the rest of his.
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                              The shooter is now in jail, charged with murder.

                              Because the victim was in a wheelchair all those years, in severe pain, and never fully recovered from his injuries, and also died from an infection related to the injuries, the shooter is being charged.


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