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Kids Say the Darndest Things


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  • Kids Say the Darndest Things

    Kirch mentioned a 1st grader saying some things to a teacher in another post (Eye Candy) & it reminded me of my all time favorite story from my wife's school.

    It seems that Kindergarten was a half day when this little boy's sister went but the very next year the school went to all-day Kindergarten just in time for the little boy to start school. The Kindergarten teacher said that the little boy had been watching the clock that first day of class & as the big hand & little hand started getting close to 12, he got up & put his backpack on & pushed his chair in. The teacher asked, "Where do you think you're going?" The little boy replied that this was when they had come to the school to get sister so it must be time for his mother to come get him. The teacher explained that this year Kindergarten went all day. The little boy slammed his backpack to the floor & asked, "Well who signed me up for this sh!$?" The teacher said it was hard to do but she calmly answered, "Well I guess your mother did." & then turned to face the blackboard to keep the kids from seeing her chuckling.

    Any other kids' bloopers?

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    At age 4, my son was very outspoken. I had talked to him about his loud voice but it went in one ear and out the other. At a talent show, he was shocked to see this girl came out in a pretty revealing leotard. He yelled, "OH MY GOD!" The whole auditorium erupted in laughter while I was just dying. My husband could not stop laughing but I couldn't look anyone in the eye.


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