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    I got all the answers right.

    American test

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    Ok, I'm a dumb blonde... I got 9 right. I don't know the name of the mayor of my city... LOL.... do we have one? LOL...
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      Twelve out of twelve.

      Of course, Cockeysville doesn't HAVE a mayor, so I just decided to list the mayor (Martin O'Malley) of the nearest city (Baltimore) and give myself that question as being right

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        I got them all correct too. A sixth grader should be able to get all of them right.

        I knew them in the fourth grade, but my fourth grade teacher was an American Government fanatic. She insisted that every one of her students know and appreciate the American form of government. I loved fourth grade.
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          I support anarchy. I am trying to undermine this website.

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            Shoot, that was easy!
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              I thought there were more than 100 senators because of some of our possesions and the D. of C. (they must be ****ed, taxation without representation) Must be the house of representatives though.

              I got 9 myself, I picked 21 amendments, stupid, because the 21st amendment occured way back in 1919... or was the 19th in 1921?..
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                didn't do too badly.

                4 - wasnt sure, I was aware of how many states there are but also I wasnt aware of when the US flag as present was adopted or how many states there were WHEN it was adopted so thought there could have been less than 50 stars on that star spangled banner.

                9 - didn't apply. Seeing I don't live in the US.

                12 - I didn't know this.

                I'm now reading up on the US flag.


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                  DC does, I think, have senators, but they're not counted in the total because they can only vote on matters specificly pertaining to Washington DC. So they're sorta like regular "state" Senators


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                    Don't laugh. The new DC tags actually have "Taxation Without Representation" on the for the motto.
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                      Coming from someone who hated Social Studies, I got all but the mayor of my city right. I know who he is and that he's an old geezer, I just can't remember his name.


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                        I got 11. Couldn't remember how many amendments. The wife only got 6 I told her I'm sending her back to Zimbabwa on the next bus.


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                          Well I got 11 out of 12 I guess being blonde does something to the memory as I could not remember the number of amendmants myself.

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                            Boy am I ! I THOUGHT that I had them all correct. Since I live in a national park, instead of a city, I named the park supertendant (instead of the mayor.) In talking with my better half last night, I found out that the guy I named has moved on and we have a different super.

                            (Does it count that this happened while I was away, living in Colorado?)
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