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Tore a hamstring at phys. agility test


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  • Tore a hamstring at phys. agility test

    I can't believe my luck sometimes. Last Friday, this 48 yr.old over-stretched prior to starting the FINAL test for my S.O. job, and tore my rt. hamstring going over the wall. I sucked it up and continued, dragged the dummy, chain link jump, obst. course, and 500 yd. run. Passed. ( go fig.,crippled)
    Have any of you all suffered a 2nd degree ham tear? How long did it take to recover?
    I have 12 weeks to academy start.

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    AWWWW CRAP! I've never done it, but it sure doesn't sound good. Man I wish you the best of luck here, I'm afraid you will need it!

    What does your doctor tell you about it as far as heeling? Can you put off your academy until the next one, or are you locked in?
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      You have 12 weeks until the academy, so you better start seeing or set up appointments with a physical therapist.

      I have pulled and possibly torn my hamstring, where it bruised in that area. Most of the time it has occurred while playing sports,and from turning on the jets from a cruising speed. After a few weeks I usually bandaged it up with neoprene sleeves and wraps, along with compression shorts. If they allow you to wear any of this, I strongly suggest you do so.

      I am no doctor, but at your age, it might take awhile for your hammy to heal. Best of luck.
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        My doc tells me 6 weeks, and I have set up rehab 2x/wk for the next 4 weeks. This type of injury is slow to rehab, but must be done properly, or I'll be prone to this happening again.
        I called my B.I. and told him what was up. He said holding my status for January, was done on a case by case basis. I told him that I will NEVER give up, even if I have to start the process all over again. ( the PA test was the very last this I had to do b-4 the academy) I am confident that things will be OK, and stuff "happens for a reason".
        Thanks for your input.


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          What he said...first things first, make sure you get medical treatment. I'm the type of guy that would go for 3-4 weeks before visiting a doctor. I have twice torn my hamstring (and my quad...which is equally painful). Tape that leg up and stay off it for a while. I used a neoprene brace and tape to keep it up, on top of compression shorts and was able to move laterally very well. A small tear can quickly progress to a LARGE tear, and your secondary muscles will be subjected to extra stress as you compensate. Take it from guy who strained his groin while limping through a baseball season with a quad tear. I would say the time that you can begin trying to resume normal life is 6 weeks from the date of the tear. Just watch your accelerating moves for a while, and hit the weights to help strengthen the area.

          I'm rambling now, but the key for me since these injuries has been to stretch. And stretch some more. Juste remember to NEVER stretch cold, though. Do some jumping jacks or run for a couple minutes, then stretch.

          Good luck and remember ice, not heat!



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            Pulled both hamstrings playing softball back in '94. After the first one, I didn't give it enough time to heal & tried to play again. Wound up pulling it again plus the other one. Thought I was okay in '95 for the Police Olympics but pulled the right one (the original & worst of the two) during the Broadjump event. Figured that was it & retired from running sports. Went out in '98 & played a pickup softball game & did alright but I didn't push it like I normally would have. A doctor said pulled, particularly torn, hamstrings are slow to heal & need a lot of care & physical therapy. Treat it right & don't force it. Good luck!


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