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Background investigation disqualifiers


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  • Background investigation disqualifiers

    I am about to begin a background investigation process and am concerned about some financial stuff. I wanted to get some insight on what others may think about my situation - specifically if anyone thinks it may be grounds for me to fail a background investigation.

    Before I dive into the details I want to go ahead and say yes, I am quite aware of how stupid this situation is and how avoidable it is.

    One of the questions asked is "have you ever filed late on state or federal income taxes?" So the answer is yes, my wife and I, who file jointly, have filed late for both 2020 and 2021. However, we have filed and have gotten everything taken care of. This is the only negative financial history that either of us have. No bad credit or debt sent to collections, nothing like that.

    Does anyone think this would be grounds to fail a background investigation? This is for a state law enforcement agency and I am worried they will see this as a problem with trustworthiness or morals and elect to not hire me as a result.

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    Did you file an extension for both years?


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      Filing late itself isn’t probably a DQ.

      They are trying to see if you lie about it.

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        Doesn't sound like a disqualifier to me, or even a significant hurdle, as long as you tell the truth.


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          Paragraphs- I like this one...


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            Originally posted by Aidokea View Post
            Doesn't sound like a disqualifier to me, or even a significant hurdle, as long as you tell the truth.
            This ^^^^^^


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              I don't see it as an issue whether you filed for an extension or not.


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                I doubt you'll be DQd based on that alone. Not filing or being delinquent (without a payment plan) though would be a deal breaker even for non LEO jobs. Especially the second one.


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                  As long as you were getting a return, the IRS barely gives a **** if you file late. They really only get ****y if you file late when you owe and usually its late, late that they care about.

                  Regardless, it's not like it's a good thing either. You want the keys to the kingdom, a fast car, gun, and a pension, you need to make sure that you're showing you are as responsible as possible. If it comes down to something like this, then you were likely neck-and-neck with someone else and they were getting out the microscope to find the difference.

                  You're likely good as long as that's it. I will tell you though that my PD just passed on someone because of a few too many issues with finances. Seemed like a really good dude too... but it is what it is.
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                    Finances are generally considered an indicator of overall responsibility...that's why they're a part of every background investigation. Poor finances also bring into question the susceptibility to graft/bribery. Given the current hiring climate in LE, I don't think this will be an automatic deal-breaker, but it may put you in second place in a particularly close race. When hiring was hot, there was many a candidate who got DQ'd for bad credit and other financial issues.
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