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He's a cop? and a cop hater?


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  • He's a cop? and a cop hater?

    here's the story taken from
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    MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) - Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Fred Evans was arrested early Saturday after he refused to leave a taxi on South Beach and then fought with officers, police said.

    Police twice used a Taser gun on Evans, according to the arrest report, in attempts to subdue the 6-foot-4, 305-pound player who appeared in one game as a rookie last season with the Dolphins. Officers said they asked Evans to leave the taxi and, after he refused, they attempted to put him in handcuffs. He allegedly resisted, leading to the scuffle.

    now get this guy lawa
    3:35 PM I think the Dolphins are really jumping to conclusions stating that they will not condone this behavior. I my grandma would say, there is 3 sides to every story............yours, theirs and the truth. They should investigate more and then come to a conclusion after the facts are all out. The Police always over react to most situations (WHAT !) and the stories in the news are never correct. I work for law enforcement and see it firsthand. Now, it the idiot is guilty, he should be ready to suffer the consequences for his actions.

    or this one

    7:54 PM Having worked in law enforcement in South and retired- I would wait for all the facts. The Beach is not full of the most professional law enforcement Personnel. They are prone to over reacting and coverning their behinds. Let us just leave it at that.

    how about this guy ANOTHER WINNER who may have benn arrested once...just a guess.
    8:03 PM Give Fred Evans a medal. I want to meet him and shake his hand. 6'4'', 305 lbs., hey police leave the guy alone. What exactly was the charge? Intoxication? NOT A CRIME. He wasn't driving, he should be the poster child for the new NFL. I love what Roger Goodell has done, but this smells like Rodney King. Why should he have to leave the cab? He's not driving drunk, good. He's not carrying a gun, good. What did the man do wrong? He was a famous athlete. I think now that arrests are becoming so pertinent as to how we view athletes I would hope that the police would only arrest people for committing crimes. The only two charges are really intoxication and trespassing, let's see what the real story is before pointing the finger at another athlete.
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    "Evans was charged with multiple counts of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting with violence, along with single counts of disorderly intoxication and trespassing. One officer was allegedly bitten on the wrist and a female officer suffered scrapes on her left knee, police said." From the Miami Herald.

    Taxi drivers, especially at the beach, are accustomed to transporting drunks. I'm not sure where cab drivers draw the line and kick people out of their cabs. It seems that this guy refused to leave the cab when ordered to do so. Intoxication and trespassing are not the most serious charges on the books, but they are worthy of enforcement. The clown that "works for law enforcement" did not share any better ideas on how to handle the situation. One or more persons using three monikers have an ax to grind with the local cops, can't accept that their hero got tasered and locked-up, or both.


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      How nice it must be to be able to accurately and correctly judge a situation based off two paragraphs, consisting of less than 100 words. I sure do wish that I had that super power. Imagine if we could somehow clone this super power and then transfer it to every judge in the land. It would certainly speed along trials wouldn't it...

      (BTW, in case anyone is wondering...YES, this is all sarcasm)
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        You are quoting comments off of MSN sports....oh boy
        Just shut your damn hole

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          You know if you do a crime then pay the price no matter how small the crime or how big the person. Last I checked laws were created for EVERYONE not just a select few.


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