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Star Wars: Attack of the Clones


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  • Star Wars: Attack of the Clones


    I just got back from the 12:01 A.M. showing of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.... I must say, this is by far one of the best Star Wars movies. If you were disappointed by Star Wars: Episode 1 like I was, then this will make you a born again Star Wars junkie. StarWars: Episode 1 was only setting the groundwork for this movie.

    The special effect was top notch, the sound crisp, awesome fight scene at the end and the story starts to pull everything together between the first trilogy and the new series. Young Bobba Fett was introduced along with his father, as well as the clone army and you'll get a glimps of the Death Star .

    The last 45 minutes of this movie will have you on the edge of your seat. You thought you saw some good light-saber fights in the past 4 movies, nothing comes close to what you are about to see in this movie. This is the end all of all light-saber fights. My jaw dropped and I wet myself watching the finale. Without giving the story away, let's just say I know now why they call him Master Yoda.

    I do recommend that people go see it in a DIGITAL theather, since the entire movie was shot in Digital Video. Finding a Digital showing might be hard since there are only 19 locations accross the US that is playing it digitally. Otherwise your stuck with a film transfer.

    The one and only complaint is that this moview is much more violent than the previous four installments. In my opionion, should of been at the very least a PG-13, if not a "R" movie, due to the violence.


    PS- I can't wait till May 25th, 2005, release date of Star Wars: Episode III...



    [ 05-16-2002: Message edited by: occiferdave ]

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    Sorry, YAWN!
    "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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      TxInvestigator, words like that will get you in big trouble!

      STAR WARS is the BEST!!!!!
      Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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        I'm going to the 1:15 showing at the Senator here in Baltimore. Can't wait ... and I got a cute date, to boot.

        Could've gone to the 3:30 am showing ... but I've got an early final on Friday, and I can't be messing with my sleeping rythm right now.


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          I'll be going to see it either Sunday or during a weeknight, wait till the frenzy somewhat dies down(hopefully)

          I know Phantom Menace got negative reviews, but I liked that one. I saw negative reviews on Attack of the Clones, but screw it, I know I will enjoy this one, too.

          I am a Star Wars fanatic, so Lucas would really have to lay a tremendous egg for me to be somewhat disappointed.

          The only thing that will disappoint me is if he never gets around to Episodes 7,8 and 9.

          Star Wars forever!


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            'Fraid you're going to be dissapointed, then.


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              Some folks just have both too much money to spend, and too much time on their hands. I'd much rather be doing something productive - LIKE SLEEPING!
              6P1 (retired)


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                Originally posted by Don:
                I'd much rather be doing something productive - LIKE SLEEPING!
                Have fun now, experience life, you can sleep when you're dead ....

                oh wait... Don... you're there already


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                  Attack of the Clones ROCKS i saw it last night and it rivals the Empire Stikes Back.

                  The Phantom menace was a disapointment but they seem to have pulled it back with this one.


                  Si vis pacem, para bellum


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                    I want to kill Jar-Jar with a blunt object.


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                      Attack of the Clones? Saw it today with my 2 boys.

                      I am an avid Star Wars fan, and i thought it was fantastic. As the first post says, I thought the lightsabre fights between Darth Maul and the Jedi were good in Ep. 1, but the scenes in Ep. 2 are phenomenal.

                      My kids were getting bored in the middle of the film, but for the last 30 minutes, they were transfixed.

                      Hmmmmmm. Maybe I should get a looped tape of the last 30 mins of the film, and keep them transfixed forever..............
                      'Trust no-one'


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                        Originally posted by occiferdave:

                        Have fun now, experience life, you can sleep when you're dead ....

                        oh wait... Don... you're there already
                        Shame on you for saying that about Don.


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                          Is Jar Jar in this one? (Please tell me he isn't!)
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                            CrazyanaJeep please control yourself. Hope you didn't take your frustrations out on your date. Or maybe you did and your date enjoyed it.
                            Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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                              I just got back from seeing EpII...oh, yeah, well worth the wait! Yoda kicks MUCH ***!!!


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