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teens beware of ice cream truck!!


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  • teens beware of ice cream truck!!

    Man In Ice Cream Truck Accused Of Soliciting Teens For Sex
    Jun 14 2007 6:09PM
    COLUMBUS, Ohio - A man who drives a retired ice cream truck through the streets of Columbus stands accused of allegedly making sexual advances toward two teenage boys, ages 15 and 16, police said.

    According to Columbus police, Larry Daniels allegedly approached the two teens near the corner of Broad and High streets in downtown Columbus and propositioned them for sex, 10TV reported.

    Police said Daniels approached the teens twice, and on one occasion, allegedly offered one of them money.

    Daniels was charged with soliciting a child for sex and unlawful restraint, police said.

    "I'm sure this guy's done it before," said Columbus police Sgt. Jerry Cupp. "People just haven't called in and reported it."

    Authorities said Daniels will appear in court next week.

    Stay with 10TV News and refresh 10TV.com for additional information.

    These guys are everywhere, even the ones trusted with children everyday....

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    We had the "myth" floating around here in May. I say myth because one of the junior high kids got a hold of the story and said it was happening here when in fact it wasn't. It got so out of hand that a couple of ice cream truck drivers got battered while working. The schools sent out a letter to all the parents of students basically saying, "Beware of the ice cream truck drivers" then had to send out and "Oops" letter when they learned that the complaint was unfounded.

    It appears the Ohio might be legit, though.
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      True, when I said "these guys are everywhere" I wasn't trying to make that sound like ice cream truck drivers gone bad. I can see that's how it would appear though. I meant sexual predators are everywhere.

      Yeah, this one in Columbus is the only one I've heard of. I found it on our local news website. Here's the link:



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        Especially if this guy is driving the truck...

        I'm 10-8 like a shark in a sea of crime..


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          Dayum,there goes my summer job
          Sleeping Giant. They're not fat and happy anymore. They are hungry and increasingly angry. That is not a good recipe for a "Puppies and Rainbows America".


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            What surprises me is that more ice cream truck vendors aren't pedophiles, dope dealers or a criminal of some sort. I know back when I grew up my local ice cream man dealt in more than just Bomb Pops and Drumsticks. To this day most of the parents from my old neighborhood never did figure out why the teenagers would rush out to meet the jingle jangle of the ice cream truck.
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