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Debunking Myths About Capital Punishment


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    Originally posted by ;902804
    Why am I a fanatic because I support the death penalty? I said before if one disagrees thats fine, but you don't hold the moral high ground because you value the life of a murderer.
    The death penalty is a joke in other states, but not in Texas. They execute so many every year its not even news worthy anymore. I believe they are the most harsh state in the union when it comes to crime, which is a good thing.
    Yeah, I'd even want justice for liberal families, somone else has to look out for them too.
    I say "fanatics" very loosely, as all death penalty supporters have legitimate reasons for their support. As do those (fanatics) that oppose the death penalty. There have been times where I'll see something on the news and I'll even say "man, that deserves the death penalty". I am neither for or against the death penalty. I am completely neutral when it comes to this form of punishment.

    I have heard of people doing whatever it takes to avoid jail, but never have I heard someone doing whatever it takes to avoid the death penalty (unless its some sort of plea deal. But by then it has lost its deterring effect). That's why I say it is useless. No, I do not hold the "moral high ground", nor am I judging you or anyone else on this subject. But at least you acknowledge that in "other states", the death penalty is a joke. That's what I'm basing my opinions on. I don't know what life is like in Texas, but in Florida, although we execute our fair share...it doesn't deter violent crimes.

    A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying... that he is wiser today than yesterday. Jonathan Swift 1667-1745

    It's only a conspiracy when your party is not in power.


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      I am a supporter of the death penalty and the only deterrent it does do is it keeps that person from ever taking another life again. Seriously, that's its deterrent. All of us who are cops, liberal or otherwise, know that the criminals we deal with do not live for the future, they live for the day at hand, the moment, the how can I get mine attitude. They are not consequence driven, they are opportunity driven...period!

      With that being said, I think it's necessary to have the death penalty, it is there to give the public, and the victims at times, the feeling of finality. That their loss has been given equal right...an eye for an eye if you will. There are some people in this world who have no redeeming value at all and the death penalty helps us get rid of some of them...other criminals take care of them for us...and we as the police can sometimes take them off society's hands.
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