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Police officer helps struggling student succeed


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  • Police officer helps struggling student succeed

    I just had to share this with ya'll...

    Police officer helps struggling student succeed

    Brent Whiting
    The Arizona Republic
    Jun. 13, 2007 11:20 AM

    A Peoria principal credits a city police officer for going above the call of duty in making a positive impact upon a once-struggling 8th-grade student.

    Officer James Cousins, a nine-year member of the Peoria force, served as an excellent role model for Vincent Padilla, 14, once considered an incorrigible teen, said Phil Stanfield, principal at Peoria Elementary School, 11501 N. 79th Ave.

    Vincent, now an entering freshman at Peoria High School, "has got some positive things going on in his life right now," Stanfield said.

    The youth hopes, among other things, to play football for the school's team, he said.

    "To have somebody like Officer Cousins and Peoria police on this boy's side, he's got it made," Stanfield said.

    Neither Cousins nor Vincent could be reached for comment, but Mike Tellef, a Peoria police spokesman, said Cousins made an "extra commitment" to the community that he serves.

    Cousins got involved after responding to several police calls involving Vincent, Tellef said. The officer recognized potential in Vincent and was able to convince the boy's parents to allow him to embark upon an intervention effort that lasted several months.

    "He sat down with Vincent and came up with a set of rules and standards of behavior for home and school," Tellef said.

    Cousins then follow up during off-duty hours by serving as a homework tutor, he said. While on duty, he would stop by the boy's home and make sure the work was being done.

    Cousins recently was invited by Vincent to attend his promotion ceremony at Peoria Elementary School, Tellef said.

    "The invitation read, in part, 'Thanks for everything. I wouldn't have done it without you,'" Tellef said.

    Cousins has made a further commitment to stand by Vincent and further mentor him as he works to completing high school, Tellef added.
    R.I.P. Sgt. 1st Class Raymond J. Munden

    You're service and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

    Kieth M.
    I once knew a guy who said, "I'll step over any nine to get to three threes!"

    I knew at that precise moment that he and I would never get into a fistfight over a woman.

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    Cool. What a good guy.


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      finally.. a positive story. something like that makes us all look good.


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        Normally, I am very critical of LEOs but this story. . . .wow!! Mistikal probably said it best, "finally.. a positive story. ...... ." And I mean in that in the sense that the media reported something positive for once.

        He is truly a role model LEO, I wish I had someone like that when I was growing up. May God hold him near His heart and watch over him each day. Truly a marvel human being and LEO.
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          More evidence of why Law Enforcement is not "just a job". There are thousands of stories like this across the country that never make headlines.


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            Too bad this only gets 5 posts and Ja Rule gets 31.


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              Kudos to Officer Cousins. He's someone to look up to.

              As for Ja Rule, I haven't read that post and don't plan to. I get enough thug talk from work


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