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Chicago To Dispatch Mental Health Professionals On (Some) 911 Calls....


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  • Chicago To Dispatch Mental Health Professionals On (Some) 911 Calls....

    From the Daily Mail (originally from the Chicago Times, but I couldn't find a non-paywall link):
    "Unit 17, Dispatch"

    "This is 17, go ahead"

    "17, respond to an active shooter in progress 59th and Halsted, over."

    "Ah...Dispatch, we're not equipped for an active shooter response."

    "You're listed as having standard issue for response."

    "Well, I'm armed with a thorazine syringe and my partner has a vial of mood stabilizers...that's about it."

    "Roger, 17, I'm sending backup. They'll be equipped with an electroshock therapy unit, over."

    "Uh...roger. How many suspects at the scene?"

    "Witnesses report three shooters, equipped with semiautomatic weapons."

    "Copy, dispatch. Better send additional backup. Maybe a straitjacket unit?"

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    "Dispatch, this is unit 17, and we are pinned down, over!"

    "Roger, 17, have backup units arrived on scene?"

    "Well, the first one arrived, but they couldn't find a place to plug in their electroshock therapy equipment. They left. I saw the second one cruise by, but I heard something over the radio that sounded like 'f**kit' and the address of a Dunkin' Donuts in Naperville that was still open!"

    "Copy, 17. What's your tactical situation?"

    "Well, we did find good cover. I was able to get within range of suspect #1, but just as I was about to inject him he yelled out that he was allergic to Thorazine. I almost injected him anyway..."

    "Negative, 17, negative! Medicating a suspect who has declared an allergy exposes the City to liability! That's in your procedures manual!"

    "Okay, what does the procedures manual say I should do next?"

    "One recommended procedure is to engage the suspect in conversation."

    "Now, wait. These guys have already cleaned out the bank and the liquor store, they're working on the dry goods and drugs, and you want me to tell them a story?"

    "Affirmative, 17, that is an approved procedure. As long as your story is not racist, sexist, bigoted, or homophobic you have permission to open fire!"

    "Dispatch, look. I appreciate your efforts, but don't you think that we should escalate this situation to some real cops?"

    "Negative, 17, that is not feasible."

    "And why not?"

    "After last years' round of early retirement and budget cuts there are only two real cops left on the City of Chicago's payroll. They're both needed to guard the mayor's residence. You'll just have to explore other alternatives."

    "Copy, Dispatch. Unit 17 standing by."


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      Hi, I find it interesting thanks for sharing.


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        Maniac has responded with a scornful remark
        Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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          is it possible for some of the LEO to be a mental health professional


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            Possible, yes. But not a good idea for a few reasons. First the responding LEO should be focused on scene safety rather than having divided attention. Second, the uniform and equipment probably wouldn’t put many people in crisis (especially those suffering with paranoid delusion type issues) at ease. Third it could be a conflict of interest. You respond and someone confessed to a murder. Would that be allowable to arrest on, or psychotherapist patient privilege

            The only real exception would probably be a case where you have a mental health professional who is also a reserve or part time officer. And even then they would keep the two roles separate
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              I think there are cops the are good at calming people down without having to be a mental health professional .


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