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Do officers have their own equipment?


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    Originally posted by Corporate View Post

    did you buy automatic rifle or semi-auto? I am curious if in general cops can purchase and carry (on duty) automatic firearms?
    Majority, if not all officers aren't on patrol with automatic firearms.


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      Originally posted by Bing_Oh View Post

      I personally prefer something belt-fed and water-cooled, with an underslung grenade launcher, if possible.
      A phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range...
      "I am a Soldier. I fight where I'm told and I win where I fight." -- GEN George S. Patton, Jr.

      "With a brother on my left and a sister on my right, we face…. We face what no one should face. We face, so no one else would face. We are in the face of Death." -- Holli Peet


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        Hey, just what ya see, pal.

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      Originally posted by tanksoldier View Post

      A phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range...
      Sounds familiar. Are you quoting Arnold from The Terminator when he visits Alamo?


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        Originally posted by Aidokea View Post

        I would recommend not buying anything for a job that you do not even have.

        IF you do get hired, I would recommend not spending a lot of money as a probationary ("at will") employee on a new job.

        Even IF you get hired and make it all the way to being a tenured officer with full union protections. I would not recommend buying anything that is not EXPLICITLY approved by your department.

        Beyond that, every agency is different. When I started in 1991, my agency didn't allow patrol officers to carry AR-15s at all. At the agency I recently retired from, patrol officers were allowed to carry either departmental AR-15s, or our own, and we were allowed to carry any AR-based weapon capable of chambering department-issued .223 ammunition, as long as it did not require a tax stamp.

        I'll admit that I did not relish the possibility of my personally-owned department-authorized fully pimped $3,500 M4 carbine ending up in some evidence locker forever if I had to use it to reduce some $#!+bird's rate of recidivism to zero.
        Just get 5 $700 M4s. Problem solved.

        My M4 is set-up similarly to the M4 I carried on active duty and in the Nasty Guard. One for familiarity, and two for when something breaks and I have to loot parts off of some weekend tuition hound who doesn't need his/hers/xers anymore.



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