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    Wondering if someone can tell me specifically how pay works with the US Marshals. Cant find specifics on the website or this forum. I’ve been a police officer for 8 years and have a bachelors degree so I’ve gathered I’d start at GS-07, but not sure what step. If also like to know how one progresses specifically through the grades and steps and at what point the LEAP pay kicks in.

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    Unless things have changed new hires come on board as DUSM 0082 (series) and are unable to get LEAP until they reach GS 11 and become 1811s. So look at base LE pay for GL 7 and 9. Once you hit GS 11 you are eligible for LEAP. Pay matching (EODing at a higher step) will depend on the agency. I would expect to EOD as a step 1 due to non Federal LE experience but in theory they could offer a higher step. Full performance for DUSM is GS 13. Normal progression is moving up the GL/GS schedule annually (7-9-11-12-13). Once reaching FPL (GS 13) you will move along the longevity steps (check OPM for an in-depth explanation).
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      Refer to what Exbpa340 said, and also look here to see what your locality pay would be: https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-over...ement-officer/

      LEAP is 25% of base + locality, so find the applicable location, grade, and step at the above link, and then multiply that listed salary by 1.25 to see your actual gross salary.

      The bad news is that GL-7 without LEAP is probably a sizeable pay cut unless you're among the lowest paid police officers in the country, but the good news is that GS-13 with LEAP is a very competitive salary for non-supervisory LE.


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