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Wild wheelchair ride in Michigan


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  • Wild wheelchair ride in Michigan

    Man in wheelchair takes wild ride after getting lodged to front grill of truck

    The Associated Press
    Jun. 7, 2007 07:29 AM

    PAW PAW, Mich. - A man was taken on a wild ride when his wheelchair became lodged in the grille of a semitrailer and was accidentally pushed down a highway for four miles at about 50 mph, authorities said.

    The 21-year-old man, whose name was not released, was unharmed but was taken to a hospital as a precaution. He had been secured to his wheelchair by a seat belt.

    "The man spilled his soda pop, but he wasn't upset," said Sgt. Kathy Morton of the Michigan State Police.

    About 4 p.m. Wednesday, a caller told police dispatchers, "You are not going to believe this: There is a semi truck pushing a guy in a wheelchair on Red Arrow Highway," state police said in a release.

    Authorities initially wondered whether the report was a prank call until others called with similar reports. Officers stopped the truck - wheelchair still attached - at a trucking company. The driver didn't believe officers until he stepped from his cab and saw for himself.

    "When he saw us, he was like, What's going on?' " Morton said.

    An investigation revealed the man in the wheelchair had pulled in front of the truck at a gas station and it somehow became lodged by its handles to the front grille.
    Absolutely amazing that this guy wasn't injured. Wonder if he said what my kids would have said... "That was fun, I wanna do it again!"
    R.I.P. Sgt. 1st Class Raymond J. Munden

    You're service and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

    Kieth M.
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    I knew at that precise moment that he and I would never get into a fistfight over a woman.

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    I think there would be a present in the chair if that was me. And it wouldn't be a nice present.

    Also how the heck would an officer keep a straight face on this call.


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      That was quite a story to read. It's amazing he wasn't hurt, and his "I'm a Pepper" shirt rocks. I'm still curious to find out how he got stuck there in the first place. To be "wedged" into the grill like that wouldn't he have to back into the truck or wouldn't the truck have to have hit him from behind? I don't get it.


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        Bet that truck driver dropped a brick when he saw his new cargo. Funny.

        Still though he's lucky to be alive. Thank goodness people called it in quick enough, otherwise his wheelchair may have fallen apart and muscular dystrophy would have been the least of his worries.
        -I don't feel you honor someone by creating a physical gesture (the salute). You honor them by holding them in memory and, in law enforcement, proceeding in vigilant, ethical police work. You honor this country or deceased soldiers or whatever you're honoring when you salute a flag by thinking, feeling, and continuing a life of freedom.



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          Best story.


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            That's why I listened to Driver's Ed when I was 16.

            You know, the part where they tell you to look around your vehicle before driving to see if anyone/anything is in the way, that you will not be able to see once inside the car.

            It could've easily been a small kid who walked in front of the semi.


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              If you haven't seen the picture, it's on

              The handles to the wheelchair got stuck inside the grill. Just the right height. I bet the guy is going to invest in a flagstick.


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                I guess that's just how he rolls!
                "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything!"-Wyatt Earp

                "You never know when crazy will show up!"-Irishdep


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                  Originally posted by irishdep View Post
                  I guess that's just how he rolls!
                  That is hilarious! I still haven't stopped laughing. This kid is going to start getting some now!
                  Space for rent .........


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                    Talk about bein all up in someone's grill.
                    "When people show you who they are, believe them." - Maya Angelou


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                      How come no one thought MY comment was funny? Maaaaan, I thought it was good!
                      "When people show you who they are, believe them." - Maya Angelou


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                        ride 'em cowboy.
                        almost as fun as ridng a bull. (on the lighter side Im glad he wasnt hurt and that the chair did hold up. He had to have his feet WAY up.....
                        ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
                        Oscar Wilde


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                          You know the seatbelt saved his life. He could have not be wearing his seatbelt and jumped out and been ran over.


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                            What kind of things go through one's mind if you're confined to a wheelchair and you get picked up on the road and end up going 50. HAHA. Such a funny mental image to me.


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                              Well, saved him some time I guess. Quicker than that lil battery motor he's got under the hood.
                              You have the right to remain silent, but apparently you lack the skill to exercise that right.


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