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video 2 teens assault 61yr teacher


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  • video 2 teens assault 61yr teacher

    nice the comments and actions of the teens family in the court building speak alot about the problem with people today.

    hope those 2 kids dont see freedom for the entire 10 years.

    premeditated attack on a 61 yr old school teacher with a weapon deserves harsh reaction but of course given the circumstances they will probaly get off with nothen like previous cases

    ya this a a horse beaten topic but untill its addressed it needs to be a thorn in peoples sides.

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    What possibly could these POSs' families be upset about OTHER THAN THE POS' THEMSELVES?!?!?!?! Oh, yeah ...... somehow it was the VICTIM'S fault.

    Hope these little turds rot in jail. Oh, yeah. And their "gang" friends should really be impressed that they SUCKER PUNCHED a 61 YEAR OLD LADY.
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      Man... I lived in Mobile for 11 years. One of my best friends graduated from Murphy.

      That's just messed up.


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        I hope those animals get the book and whatever else isn't nailed down thrown at them! Pieces of garbage like that don't deserve to be free and I hope justice is served with a side of "long jail sentence".
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          Originally posted by Adam10-42

          Anybody can sucker punch a helpless 61 year old woman...what a bunch of pussies.
          You are right .... ANYBODY can, animals are the only ones who do.
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            They're minors. They don't deserve 10 years.

            Perhaps 9 years and 364 days...But I wouldn't call them animals. Animals hunt to survive. These guys are below animals. They're frickin idiots. Do not insult the animal population by associating idiots with them. There should be enhanced penalties for assaults on school administrators. These guys are 17. They know better. Anyway, with a $100,000 & a $250,000 bond, I think they can get accustomed to their new home without any interruption. Those loving family members are all talk, but they're not stupid enough to bond them out. IDIOTS
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              I do not know why they attacked the teacher. That part was not on the surveillance video.

              I think the parents' behavior in the courtroom might hint at what some factors were that led to the beating.

              PS - They were facing charges of second degree assault. If sitting around for 5-10 minutes waiting for someone to walk out of a room so you can beat them is second degree assault, what is first degree assault?


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