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Pretty Poor Reasons to be in a Big Hurry...


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  • Pretty Poor Reasons to be in a Big Hurry...

    This topic was inspired by the driver of a black Charger who roared past me on my way to work tonight. It was a major through street, adjacent to the airport, with a generous 45 mph speed limit and few cross streets worth mentioning; about 2 miles between stop lights, 10 pm on a quiet Sunday night with very little traffic. I was in the right lane in my 21 year old Plymouth minivan (the best car I could afford to pay cash for after my 2015 300 was rear-ended and totaled last year and the banks and insurance companies finished their thing), driving the speed limit, when this car roared past me doing at least seventy-five. I was nonplussed, there are some reasons to be in a hurry near the airport (although few that I would dare proffer to a policeman); maybe he was trying to catch a flight or else on his way to work, too? About a hundred yards in front of me were two cars in the left lane; they had left the last stop light at the same time I did but were driving a little over the limit. The black Charger came up right behind them; I was expecting him to zip around to their right since he was apparently late for his accident. No, he held up behind them for a couple of seconds...then changed into the right lane, zipped around the first car, abruptly changed back into the left lane between the two cars...and then suddenly turned left across the median into the driveway of a gas station. So, he was in that major, frantic rush...to get gas?

    Or maybe he was motivated by the same thing a friend of a friend once tried to get out of a speeding ticket. When the policeman asked, "Is there some emergency?" the FOAF looked him in the eye and said with all sincerity, "Officer, I have to go to the bathroom!" The cop laughed and let him go on his way. Of course, on the opposite end of this was a shipmate of mine in the Navy. When he tried that line, the officer said, "Well, why don't you go right here?" He did...and was promptly cited for public lewdness.

    So, just for giggles, I thought I would ask the audience here: What are some of the worst...and, just maybe, the best...excuses/reasons/alibis/etc. that you've ever heard proffered for indiscriminate haste on the highways?

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    The fact they know if they keep driving we’ll stop following

    FTY occurs routinely here... 3-5 per day.
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      I heard this excuse a few times over the years and in this instance it almost worked....... but not quite.

      I stopped a lady for exceeding the speed limit by almost thirty miles an hour. She was screaming at me even before I got off my motorcycle. As I approached her open window, she was hollering she had diarrhea and I'd better hurry! I simply pointed to a nearby convenience store and told her to go there. She did and just for the fun of it, I did too after a minute or so. I walked inside and she was checking out after selecting a couple of soft drinks, a bag of chips and a candy bar.

      There were two employees inside so I asked one of them if the lady made it to the restroom in time to prevent a mess. He said she never went to the restroom.

      "Sign here please. This is not a plea of guilty; just a promise to appear in court at the time and date listed!"
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      If your biggest work-related fear is getting a paper cut, don't try and tell a cop how to do his job.


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        I've heard the bathroom excuse before...you can usually tell if it's legit or not.

        The most common are criers. Women try to use this all the time. I have a pretty hard and fast rule...if you cry, you get a ticket (I've been in this game too long to fall for that one). I can remember giving one crier a pass in my career...it was a teenage guy and he was in the car with his buddies, so the mockery he got from them was probably much worse than any punishment the court system could possibly give.
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          On a work zone detail on the interstate in early March, around the time the COVID stuff was starting impact travel.

          I catch a sedan passing vehicles as the two lanes merge into one as they enter the single lane work zone, already inside a reduced speed zone.

          I pull the car over and approach the vehicle, young female driver, young male passenger and another young male rear passenger. By young I mean early 20's, college aged

          Blah blah blah "do you know why I pulled you over?"

          "To be honest, no, I wasn't speeding"

          "You were doing 72 in a 55 passing cars to jump in front of them as they entered the single lane work zone, did you not see the 55 mph reduced speed zone sign a mile up the road? Did you not see the signs telling you to merge into one lane?"

          Excuses given, I return to my car to write my citation.

          I return with the citation and the rear window rolls down and this guy starts in with me about how he was watching her speed and he promises she wasn't speeding and that he was in law school and this is bull**** blah blah blah.

          "So you're saying you were looking over her shoulder the entire time she was driving, observing her speed?"


          "Well I am inclined to believe you since I see you aren't wearing your seatbelt, I'll be right back"

          I start to walk back to my car to write him a seatbelt citation and the driver an additional citation for failing to secure passengers and he hangs out the window and starts chirping at me about this and that, so I return to the car to hear him out.

          "You know the only reason we are driving is because we are doing our part to fight the coronavirus by not flying."

          I almost collapse.

          I said "your choice to not fly does not give you an excuse to speed in the work zone, nor do the family's of the workers out here dealing with people violating the speed limit care about you having to drive instead of fly. Here is your citation ma'am, here is your mandatory court date for speeding in a work zone, have a safe trip."

          Another funny story:

          Same work zone, only this vehicle is doing misdemeanor speeds in the work zone. I pull over a minivan being driven by a late 20's early 30's female who is already hysterical when I approach. I do my introduction and get her information and go back to write my work zone citation. I return with the citation and explain to her that due to her excessive speed in the work zone she has committed a misdemeanor speeding violation which is an arrestable offense.

          About a half of a millisecond after I utter the words "arrestable" I hear a commotion and a roughly 8 year old boy comes flying out of the rear of the van, hysterical, and wraps his arms around his mother, screaming "DON'T ARREST MY MOMMY AGAIN PLEASE DON'T ARREST MY MOMMY"

          I am trying my hardest to not laugh as I mark NTA on the citation and hand her the paperwork.
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