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From Europe, police job in the US?


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  • From Europe, police job in the US?

    Hello all!

    I've been watching this forum for a long time, and I have som question.
    First, I've search the forum that can answer my question, but I haven't found all the answer I've been looking for. So I decided to open a new topic.

    I really hope someone can be helpful and answer my questions.

    First question:

    I want to graduate to be a Police Officer, but where I live, you can't even get in to the Police Academy if you are colorblind. They wont take in people who are coloblind, not at all! And I'm unfortantly colorblind So my question is, can I get in to a Police Academy in the US if I'm not a US citizen? Or do I have to be have a US citizenship?

    Second question:

    If I must be a US citizen to get in to a Police Academy, is the best way to join the US Army? And if I join the US army, do I get an offer to get a US citizenship right away, or do I have to serve like a year or something to get that offer?

    Third and last question:

    If I get a offer to get a US citizenship, and I apply, how long will it take before I'm a real US citizen? Right away or does it take years?
    Because I don't want to be like 30 when I'm at the Police Academy.

    I will thanks everyone that will help me, and I'm sorry if you are tired of this topics, but as I stated above, the other topics didn't answer all the questions.

    I'm from Europe where we don't speek English beside the school, so sorry if it's some clithes
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    The short answer would be : Check U.S. INS.---The long answer----most, if not all U.S police depts. require their officers to be U.S. citizens. Unlike many European countries we don't have a Federal police force, so you'd have to ask the Dept. you're interested in specifically. Same thing for your colorblindness. I know officers that have various disabilities, yet still got hired, so once again, you'd have to ask the Dept. Oddly, serving in the U.S. militRY DOESN'T GUARANTEE CITIZENSHIP, only the option and relatively fast-track for it. Even so, a military commitment is a 3 year minimum so you'd be waiting at least that long. An easier path to LE may be to seek out a non-sworn job and see, once "inside", if you could work your way into a sworn position. Another possibility would be, perhaps, the Intelligience community as some sort of liason officer---but that's going to be REAL tough.


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      Hello and thank you for your reply.

      So it's that hard huh? So if I join the US Army, I can guarantee to not get a US Citizenship? Well, that's a risk then.

      God, this has been my dream since I was a kid. Thanks, I will check out the US INS.. I also got a mailadress to a guy in the US Army that could answer some questions about US Citizenship.

      Thank you again. This has been to much help


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        Your first hurdle will be in obtaining a visa that will allow you to reside in the United States. Once you have that, you can try for resident alien status, where you can remain in the U.S. indefinitely, but do not have U.S. citizenship. I believe you have to have at least that status before you can enlist in the armed forces.

        There are a few law enforcement agencies that will hire a non-citizen, but they are rare. I am anything but an expert here, but I would be surprised if you could obtain U.S. citizenship in less than five years after arriving in the United States. That is the case even if you have completed a term of military service with an honorable discharge.

        The colorblindness is another problem. Some law enforcement agencies will hire you if you are colorblind, and some won't even check to see if you have normal color vision. You will have to consult with the individual agencies to see what their requirements are.

        Don't be too distressed at being in the police academy when you're 30. It might take that long, and there are lots of people who enter the academy at 30 and older and do just fine.
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          Yeah, I looked at the requirements to get in to the U.S Army and you needed a Visa.

          I know that some agencies don't accept colorblindness, but I can check that out. Can also check if they accept coloblindness lens.

          Hehe, OK, It's just a little wierd to be like 30 and gaduate togheter with 20 years old boys. But ok, I really want to be a Police Officer, so I'll try anything.

          It's going to be hard, but I'll try

          Thanks for the reply and help!


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