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  • I need some help....

    I think i'm sick. (i believe that by admitting it, it will only make me feel worse) I'm pretty certain its just spring time allergies, but its killing me. Sinuses are hurting, nose is stuffy, throat is VERY sore. And today I woke up with NO voice!! And of course its my days off. And YES, I am B!tching!!!!!!!

    So basically, anyone know what I can get over the counter to make me feel better??
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    I feel for you Jeeper! I seem to have developed a Pine allergy over the recent years. I've been in misery here at Grand Canyon ever since I got back from Colorado.

    Benadryl will help (a little) but it kicks my *** for at least twelve hours, so I won't drive or work in my shop after I've taken it! I've tried every "non drowsey" one on the market, plus three different scrips. NONE OF THEM WORK FOR ME! (snivel)
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      I had the same exact symptoms about two weeks ago. I used Tavist Sinus, it worked really well, but I had to keep taking it every 4-6 hours. You really should go to the doctor's though, because if it's a sinus infection (sounds like that's what it is) they you will need antibiotics. That's the only way it's going to go away for good.

      Trust me, BTDT - at least two times a year.

      Hope you feel better!


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        You wouldn't want to be here down south. Everyone is coughing, sinus infections, and ear problems. Went to an ENT 2 days ago and feel worst than before I went to the doctor. It's just one of them things down here. Hope you feel better soon.
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          Try drinking a half bottle of Nyquil and sleeping for 12 hours.


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