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    Originally posted by Raiden View Post
    It is obvious that the LAPD and the media are way out of touch. Something needs to change because more and more each day, LEOs are being made like animals with a badge.I can understand that there are some bad apples out there, but, they should not let it ruin it for every PD out there.

    Oh well. . .
    Wrong,sorry to disargee- but working in the city of L.A. where media is KING ( and think themselves "god"). both federal and local civilian mgm't have made policing in this city FAR more open to the public than many other Depts nationwide.The concern is not whose watching but whether or not they are protraying the "truth"-video ,like any other media ,can be misrepresented and distorted,and sadly,as a public official,you DON'T really have the right to civil (tort) redress like you think you have( try it,and watch the ACLU come down like a hammer to beat you in any lible or slander suit you have). Public officials are supposed to be held up to scrutiny-but alot of these "Self styled" critics of the police wield their cameras with malice and are only concerned with how they can harm L.E. not curtail errant behavior.you need also be concerned about the truly vindictive anti-police groups out there.Hyper gangs like the amorphous "crips",MSX13 ,and Folk/people nations,plus neo nazi type groups relish such info as "intell" to help thwart or even confront and defeat police officers(in a recent CNOA training course we watched as seemingly "unsophisticated" gang members had set up a series of surveillance posts complete with audio and video,to record police units and operaions while on patrol of that neighborhood !).Just tell me how often "false" reports or info about police incidents are retracked in local and national media?if at all......
    "we're americans ! We don't quit because we're wrong, we just keep doing it wrong UNTIL it turns out Right"...


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      Originally posted by djack16 View Post
      Wrong. Police are just as capable of criminal conduct as citizens. Even in the performance of their duties. Police need to be policed as well. That is unless you can argue there is no such thing as excessive force, a bad shoot, a false report, etc.
      No one here has a problem with the police being "policed",except when those who are doing the "policing" do it with malice or to harm those in uniform.and sadly thees same people rarely apologize for the careers they destroy the jobs they ruin,or the emotional and physical harm they do.you see the ACLU have no problem with defending people who LIE on a police officer,but they won't left a finger to help that police officer who loses his job and has to fight for several yrs to get it back, or faces emotional stress from being "black balled" by the FALSE accusations of a 3 time felon,a violent drug dealer or a coked out prostitute.Police officers face this regularly "as part of the job".I had a fellow co worker kill himself over "bogus" complaints and another have a nervous break down over them.

      It is expected that citizens report misconduct they witness from a police officer. Granted, a lot of citizens don't understand use of force guidelines but common sense will lead most people to bring valid complaints.
      In a population that had nearly 33 % illiteracy, and can't even show you where Washington DC or even their OWN state capitol is? you think "common sense" reigns???Most complaints are made based on emotion,not on observation or opinion.If A wht cop stops a blk kid in an SUV,its"racism",no the possibility that the kid was driving poorly or had an equip violation. Even the recent "immigration",err "illegal aliens demanding to be MADE citizens" protest we had here in L.A. was rife with complaints of RACISM and brutality when in fact there was very little unauthorized force used to clear the protesters and most of the officers were of the SAME ethnicity as the rowdy crowd they were legally authorized to disperse.

      The police,as an entity ,and the lowest representation of the government, has become an easy "Target" for whatever gripes the public has against the "System",especially in L.A. homeless problem? lets focus on why the police are arresting transients for using dope or peeing on bldgs downtown. Gangs terrorizing the community? lets focus on those cops punching out one of these violent little urban terrorists. Excessive violence in the urban center? Police are the "problem" as they harrass young Blk or hisp men.

      What you don't see,nor clearly care about is that a police officers career and personal life is now a cheap trade off for the poor mgm't and leadership of local gov't.File any complaint you want- who cares if it is the truth or not,warranted or not.Its easier to burn a cop,then make sure your streets are safe and clean or you're schools function properly......
      "we're americans ! We don't quit because we're wrong, we just keep doing it wrong UNTIL it turns out Right"...


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        It's pretty hard to get "burned" if there isn't any kindling around. We just had a video on here that was nice; Judge Judy telling some little dip that her false report would result in her losing $5,000. The officer was not only vindicated by $2,500 richer. What some people around here seem to believe is that the department that investigates a complaint, and believes every word of it resulting in them terminating that officer, is a common problem in our nation. Somehow...I doubt it.

        Oh and I need to amend what I said earlier. What I mean is most people with common sense will comprise most of the valid complaints. The girl that complained about that police officer on Judge Judy did so out of emotion, like you mentioned DOA, and she was trounced.

        And don't tell me I don't care about the career of officers. You're being absolutely ridiculous. I just don't care about the career of officers who disgrace the field and betray the public's trust.

        I haven't ever heard of the ACLU defending a person's false allegation against a police officer. I have heard of Al Sharpton doing it but not the ACLU. When you mention people who monitor the police with malice are you referring to people simply taping an encounter between police and citizen? Some people on this board apparantly think that it takes malice to do such things.
        -I don't feel you honor someone by creating a physical gesture (the salute). You honor them by holding them in memory and, in law enforcement, proceeding in vigilant, ethical police work. You honor this country or deceased soldiers or whatever you're honoring when you salute a flag by thinking, feeling, and continuing a life of freedom.



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          I had an instance not to long ago where someone recorded one of my arrest on a camera phone. Of course you know they only recorded bits and pieces of the arrest. They didn't record the suspect running, or the part once he was caught me telling him to sit down, or the part where the tried walking off with the handcuffs on.

          The recording didn't start till after I assisted the suspect in sitting down. They made it a point to record the part where hes yelling I broke a certain body part, and me refusing him an ambulance. The funny thing was I didn't even touch the side of the body he was complaining I broke the body part on. When I saw the guy the next day at the gas station getting a case of beer using his broken body part I had to shake my head.

          Also these people in this story seem to be the same kind of people who would complain that they are being harassed if we recorded things they were doing. Obstructing sounds good to me, and add to that disturbing the peace.
          Some people were just dropped on their heads as children more than the rest of us!


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