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The OC's salaries/education for public jobs


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  • The OC's salaries/education for public jobs

    The local Golden Tablet of Truth (OC Register) has a section of classified job listings in every Sunday's paper. The front page of that classified section is called "Employment" and focuses on a different job industry or sector. Of course, these are always positive features as negatives don't sell ads.

    Anyhow...last Sunday had the feature on OC's employment outlook for government occupations. It is incredibly satisfying that the three highest paid (hourly wages) were patrol officer, detective, and Sergeant. They also require no college education.

    On the other hand (OTOH), some of the lowest paying jobs require Masters degrees. I've attached a photo of the table published in the paper, I hope it is clear enough to discern. What appear on the photo to be food stains do not actually appear on the newspaper clipping in my hand, weird.

    I'm not complaining since I'm sitting in one of the top three paying categories itemized, but as a whole it reflects a poor societal respect for education and the helping of others. The various mental health and substance abuse counselors and social workers are at the bottom at between $15 and $16 / hour, yet they require Masters degrees.

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    Around here, patrol officers (SO or PD) usually start out 28k-36k per year. Even after 10 years as a regular patrol officer, if you're making 45k per year then you are doing pretty good.

    To get anywhere near $35/hr, I would have to move to the DFW area.


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