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  • For you LEO's who work on your own equipment

    Being that I'm from a small department, we don't have anyone in town to do any installation or repair of equipment; that usually involves an hours drive, and a few days without a vehicle.

    I figured there's a small chance that some of you out there have this same problem I do, and hopefully this cheap fix alleviates it.

    The patrol vehicle I drive is a Chevy Tahoe, and has 2 strobes in the front, and 4 in the rear. There is a galls XL200 control panel in the front; button 1 controls the front strobes, and button 2 controls the rear strobes. The strobes are powered/controlled by a Galileo ETG690-P made by Sound Off, INC.

    Here's where it gets a little technical.

    Pushing button 1 puts 12volts to a blue wire, and pushing button 2 puts 12volts to a green wire.

    The blue wire and green wire go to the strobe power supply under the back seat, connecting to the power supply as blue to the blue input wire on the power supply, and green to the green input wire on the power supply.

    The instructions for the strobe power supply says that if you take power from the blue wire or ground the blue wire, the front lights go off. They also say if you take power from the green wire, or ground the green wire, the rear lights go off. BUT, they lie... The ONLY way to make the front lights go off with the rear lights still flashing is to ground the blue wire and apply power to the green wire. Also, the only way to make the fronts flash with the rear turned off is to apply power to the blue wire, and ground the green wire.

    So, here's my problem; either button I push regardless, turns on ALL the strobes. Not what I want since I want to turn off the front strobes during a traffic stop, but still keep the rear strobes flashing.

    Since most every switch I see either has power or no power, I had to piece together a little device consisting of a couple of relays to alleviate my problem. I had to use a single pole double throw relay for each button. Basicly, if the relay doesn't have power, it grounds the wire from the strobe power supply. If it recieves power, it applies +12VDC to the wire from the strobe power supply.

    So, here is what I came up with to screw down next to the strobe power supply. It will take from the top, the blue wire, green wire, red (+12VDC) wire, and the black wire (ground), run them through this block, and output from the bottem, a blue wire that is grounded when not activated, a green wire that is grounded when not activated, a red (+12VDC) wire, and a black (ground) wire. I should be able to wire this in between the galls XL200 and the Galileo strobe power supply, and fix my problem.

    Hopefully this will work; I haven't had the chance to install it just yet, but, I will report back as soon as I find out.
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