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This needs to stop. Now.


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  • This needs to stop. Now.

    Praying for our brothers and sisters in DC who have to deal with this now. What has our country come to? This is an unfortunate war that we NEED to win otherwise, I suggest reading The Gulag Archipelago to see where all this will turn. If anyone doesn’t think this is possible...


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    Used to be, this never would have been tolerated. USED to be...
    Now go home and get your shine box!


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      Someone needs to be working on his tolerance for others and their feelings. You will feel a lot better about yourself once you stop being so judgemental.

      Anyone else need a hug?


      • CCCSD
        CCCSD commented
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        Still sad that you never learned how to be a Police? I can’t help you with how inadequate you are as a cop. Your inability to do a good job is a reflection on YOU, not anyone else.

        Burger King will always let you have it your way, so you do have career options.

      • retired1995
        retired1995 commented
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        Gosh, should I get all offended now? Should I check my self-esteemer to make sure it hasn't been bruised? It appears that someone missed out on the day that a sense of humor was being issued.

        Little late for career options now. 53 years of employment, over 4 years active duty military (two combat tours in Vietnam), 24 years as a cop, 43 years as a business owner. No real need for the Burger King gig (as much fun as it might be), 3 pension funds and over a million in investment accounts keep me pretty comfortable.

        Hey, thanks for thinking of me, bud! It just makes me feel good knowing that you care.

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      Agreed. These CHAZ zones aren’t for a peaceful protest. It’s truly ironic that the FIRST major thing they set up is a border checkpoint and security to exclude certain individuals with guns. It’s a taste of what anarchy can do in a very short time. Idiots...
      US Army Veteran
      The opinions expressed above are not those of any official capacity or agency. Fix yourself.


      • TC3112
        TC3112 commented
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        I don’t even think it’s ironic. It human nature to set up a way to protect the group and make sure people who aren’t in the group are vetted and kept away. That’s another issue with all of this, people are people no matter where you fall on the ideological spectrum.

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