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  • What can machine-learning do for YOU?

    So I'm a staff scientist within my company's research team, I work on many advanced projects using machine-learning and digital fingerprinting. At the moment, we mostly focus on network security, but I've been thinking about spinning off a few open source tools as I've been known to do in the past. Been racking my brain trying to figure out what aspects of LE could use technologies like this, that haven't already been written.

    In other words, what kind of tools are not widely accessible that could help you to solve crimes (or other problems) with computers? You might end up getting your wish if you post here.

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    Hmm... no feedback on this. Is there no data analysis left to code?


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      I'm tired and not thinking clearly, but I'm sure that tomorrow once I am actually awake, I'll be able to brainstorm a few ideas for you.


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        One idea is for a program to organize wanted vehicle data. One of the officers I know uses Excel to organize the plates by the first number, and then by whether they are wanted because of a crime (robbery, burglary, hit and run, etc. should all be divided up), wanted because they are stolen, or wanted because there is a warrant out for the driver. His Excel spreadsheet is effective, but it's gotten pretty messy with the amount of info on it. If you'd like to take this on, PM me and I can give you my e-mail address to discuss details.

        Also, maybe some sort of software would be good that could be used to store notes for court about tickets issued, reports written, or anything else. If you'd like to do this one, just contact me as with the other.

        I'll try to think up some more ideas later.


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          I'm referring more along the lines of problem solving data with statistics / machine-learning; e.g. lets say you have a series of characteristics about a crime and you want to match it to the most likely suspect you should be looking at out of a database, statistically.

          Another example is you have an anonymous document and you want to match it to a database of existing documents to see which other documents it's closest to grammatically.

          An easier problem is communications monitoring; lets say you have several streams of communication coming in and you want to identify a specific type of communication ("terrorist plots"). You could use software to train a database of known terrorist communication, known innocuous communication, and then have the system assign each data stream a probability of it being about a terrorist plot.

          All of this software, to my knowledge, already exists... but I'm interested in taking on similer project as open source challenges... this is the kind of work I do full-time in network security, so would be very satisfying to code up something that would assist LE.


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