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Are we too PC?


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  • Are we too PC?


    I think after reading this article and reviewing both my forces policy and the policy of the METPOL on whats acceptable/unacceptable language that we are indeed living in a society gone mad with political correctness. Nobody wants racist officers undermining the work we do in the community but on the same level, it appears to be only dedicated officers who are unawares of the meanings of common phrases used in everyday speech that are falling foul of the system

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    Well Michael, I see it is on both side of the pond!

    acceptable/unacceptable language

    I think there are way too damn many folks who have too much time on their hands. They go around just looking for things to get upset about.

    It really makes me wonder where this is all heading.
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      Originally posted by Don:
      It really makes me wonder where this is all heading.
      Ever see the movie "Demolition Man"??

      That's where we are all going.


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        Speaking of too PC, I also read this, today:

        "Because it begins with the masculine-sounding syllable "his," the word "history" has been banned at Stockport College in Manchester, England. Also banned are the phrases "ladies and gentlemen" (offensive connotations of class) and "slaving over a hot stove" (which "minimizes the horror and oppression of the slave trade")."

        Now I've been called 'PC' in the past; and I hate racial/sexual slurs of any kind...but this kind of bull just takes the freakin biscuit.
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          yea i really hate this candy *** PC world we live in. hopefully bush will give some balls back to america....wait, that sounded weird. you know what i mean damn it!

          i find it odd that my friends in the years, have gone from being completely PC on the race issue to being outright predujice. they openly say they are predujice, but say they'd never be racist. explaining that their predujices would never cross over, become action, hence racism.

          but here's the cruncher. they said it wasn't some redneck, or the like that made them that way. rather it was the "reverse racism, & constant whining, & race card playing" by the minority cumunity that changed their attitude. the very attitude minorities struggle against.

          i thought it was a silly explaination. but then thought, maybe there is something to be said about that? .......hmmmm

          that's my .02
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            Guess I'm going to have to put duct tape over my mouth. I went to college for economics guess I should have majored in English. I'm going to have to start reading Miss Manners in the newspaper.
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              Originally posted by Joseph:
              Guess I'm going to have to put duct tape over my mouth.
              If you happen to have a moustache or beard, you WILL regret the duct tape! (Just thinking about it makes me wince!)

              Aw come on Joseph, tell us what you are thinking!
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                Joseph, you don't need to... I am already offended!

                I will sit in my home with the rest of the PC Crazies as I get offended by everything

                Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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                  Now I've been called 'PC' in the past
                  Pretty cute?

                  As far as being racist, or whatever you call it, I grew up treating everyone I met of a different race very fair. My feelings of dislike toward any people of different races is based entirely on their treatment of me, which many times has been deplorable. To me, repsect is not given, it is earned.

                  I refuse to be PC. If people around me don't like that, I don't worry about it.


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                    I wonder where "nit-picker" came from, then. ridiculous! as is the "history" crap. i agree with being respectful and thinking about how people would feel about certain comments, but enuf is enuf.

                    i hate that "womyn" spelling, too. i have heard that is gay-related. i dont know the story on it.

                    [ 05-15-2002: Message edited by: jellybean40 ]
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                      Supposedly it has to do with the theory that some say having a certain Y chromosome(?) makes people gay somehow. Also, it has to do with the fact that there are no "men" in "womyn".


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                        To answer your question........YES

                        This PC stuff (its original meaning anyway)has gone too far.

                        In the process of "refining" PC terms we have managed to create animosity among many socio-economic groups. We censor these phrases mentioned in the article BUT the PC problem is much more complicated than this simple action.

                        Personally, I think that no matter what you say or do someone is going to be offended at one time or another. I think that awareness issues should be addressed across the board for EVERYONE w/o regard to Race, Class, Gender.

                        I don't think PC censorship is the right tactic. I think it ends up having the exact opposite result of what was intended!


                        The CLeaner,

                        I am going to respond to something in your post the most articulate way I can and I hope it comes out correctly.

                        I am a Sociology Major and my response is going to come from this background so PLEASE bear with me here.

                        It has been explained to me that part of racism involves POWER: BOTH having it and being able to assert it upon certain groups.

                        So technically, the TRUE definition of reverse racism is NOT possible as this would require that minorites HAVE power to make this "reverse racism' happen.

                        I believe that bias may be a more appropriate term and bias goes both ways for the majority and the minority.

                        THE ABOVE IS JMHO!


                        [ 05-15-2002: Message edited by: GRACE ]
                        "Life breaks us all and afterwards some are strong at the broken places."
                        --Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms


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                          On one hand, there are alot of words and expressions that I can see as offensive to some and shouldn't be said, if only for common human courtesy.

                          However, there are way too many people and groups who use political correctness to try to shape society the way they want it. It is unfortunate that that of these groups like NOW, PETA, and the ACLU support good causes and do some good work...but they can often take things WAY too far.

                          And by doing so, they alienate the moderate majority of this country. I strongly believe in the civil liberties of every person, but I would never give money to the ACLU because I don't want it used to finance something like legal actions to protect the anonimity (spelled that wrong) of child molestors.

                          And so many organizations and companies are so afraid of this small segement of our country that they fold to their demands.

                          For Example: ESPN Reported that NBA is making the switch to synthetic leather balls instead of the real leather balls, and it is believed it is because of the demands of PETA. Now personally, I believe that is probably some financial benefit (price) to the NBA for making this switch, but it still is ridiculous that there is even the appearence that this group, PETA, weilds that much power.


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                            You know, the whole PC thing irritates me, I mean, we are all the same, but different also. What's wrong with noteing and discussing those differences?

                            I don't see many Blacks moving into White neihbor hoods, do you? But several years ago, I was commenting on a move, and a "Black" individual said something to me about a neighborhood, and my reply was Eeeewwwwwwwe, why would I want to live THERE?? My thinking was because it's a Drug infested, crime ridden hell hole. His claim was I was racist because the entire neighbor hood was Black. He seemed to think that the lure of a low cost apartment should be sufficent for me to move there, and since I wasn't going to, and I made a face about the neighbor hood, he went all racial on me instead of realising that I might not want to raise my daughter on a block with gang bangers, drug dealers and the like.

                            When I brought THAT up, he was like "You gots dat in da White hoods too" (No comments, that's how this guy actually spoke).

                            No matter what I said, in his mind I was a rascists. It's not like "HE" would move into a White neighborhood, Sheeezzzh!!

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                              I probably shouldn't even get started on this subject cause it ****es me off. But.

                              I am not now nor have I ever been a racist. I have no idea why people would care to judge people based soley on the color of their skin or gender. I 100% believe that people should be judged on their individuall attitudes and actions.

                              Now, do I think that Affirmataive Action is racist? Absolutely. 100%. Why? Because it gives preference to one ethnic or gender group based soley on an individuals race and/or gender. So not only is it racist, it's sexist too.
                              I'm all for anti discrimination laws. I realize that some peoople would/do discriminate against minorities so laws preventing that are fine. Even if not totally enforceable.

                              Do I think that most of the racial tension that exists today is caused by the "PC" and Affirmative Action, attitudes and policies in place? Absolutely. I also believe that they have contributed in a HUGE way to the lawsuit happy, "I'm a victim", take no responsability attitudes that seem to dominate this country, and apparently the world (peeing standing up is macho and indicitave of male brutality what a crock). I've had people say to me that this is all ok because of the history of discrimintation against women and minorities in this country. But wait. Isn't the point of all these laws to make us all equal? I hear different groups say all the time, "We don't want special treatment, we want 'equal' treatment" What a CROCK. If people wanted to be equal they wouldn't support DISCRIMINATING agains white males! And wouldn't expect to be "accomodated" at every turn.
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