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Apple vs PC


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  • Apple vs PC

    What do you use and why?

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    Work= p.c.
    Home= Mac. better graphics, faster,no virusus, easy to use ( just click and drag)


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      My home computer has always been Mac. I used to do a lot of desktop publishing, and Mac's have always been better when graphics are involved.

      Work is PC/Windows

      I first trained on computers using DOS based systems, so I'm comfortable using both systems.

      I just find Mac to be more user friendly. I've easily added memory, upgraded operating systems, and even imported data from my old computer to my laptop with no major issues.

      I've also resurrected after a major crash, without calling out the Geek Squad.
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        PC, it's what i've grown up with. the family computer had its hard drive fried by SBC, we had to nuke it and install Windows XP again. it has been running well since then. my PC has Vista and except for IE shutting down occasionally, it has been running hot, straight, and normal.
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          PC because it is so much more compatible with everything.


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            Mac -- it's stable, doesn't get bogged down by viruses and spyware, and does pretty much everything you need to do -- email, internet, word processing, spreadsheets, Quicken, graphics, video, etc...

            And if you ever need a PC program or game, it can run Windows too. So there's no downside really...


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              PC. Ive used them since I was about 4 yrs old. I build/upgrade them myself so they are significantly cheaper than an equivalent Mac. Plus I use it for gaming, and the Mac platform simply cant compete when it comes to games. I run XP Pro so it is stable, and I never have had any trouble with viruses or spyware.
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                I'm a computer hardware geek, and I only use PC's.

                Macs don't offer anything that a PC doesn't - whoever said Macs have better graphics is DEAD WRONG. Macs are now made with the SAME parts as PCs - they merely have hardware that allows them to run Mac OS. So there's not one difference between a MAC and PC hardware wise. Not since Apple became the iPod company.

                Mac OS is not virus free. Nobody bothers to write many viruses for it because there isn't a big enough installed base to matter. Plus software is much more limited for the Macs. And - if you install Windows XP on a Mac, it's faster than Mac OS!

                Anyone who runs a MAC simply because it "doesn't get bogged down" just doesn't know how to secure a PC. Yes, a Windows PC should have a firewall and anti spyware and anti virus installed. However, this should not scare you. On my PC I have all 3 installed, they are all FREE, and they all work with no intervention from me. I haven't touched my firewall (Zonealarm free edition) in months. AV scans are automatic and so are the updates. I have had ZERO problems.

                My Windows also automatically downloads and installs security updates, so that's taken care of as well.

                The end result is that my PC running Windows XP is every bit as virus free and problem free as a Mac might be. And it cost less too!

                I also have a second PC that runs Linux, a free OS. Guess what? Linux PC's should have a firewall, but they can live without the other maintenance utilities. It's not as easy to use as Windows, but it's a great OS.
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                  Mac's are fun to play around with but their OS doesn't run the games I like to play. They are way too expensive, and I can't tinker around with them like I can my PC. I built my PC from scratch and spent very little doing it. I can't do that with a mac.


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                    Mac for almost a year now.

                    Never going back.


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                      I have had a PC since 1984 (Tandy 1000 and IBM PCjr from the 8086 and 8088 days to the P4). The last PC I bought was 3 Dell XPS's 3.4gig last year.

                      When Apple went to Intel (I believe they have always had superior chips) I bought 2 Apple MacPro Quad's...... one a 2.66 and one a 3.0gig. 4 gigs of ram each and each has 3 750 gig HD's RAID 5 internal. (I edit uncompressed video).

                      What I have found is I have had the Apple setup for 4 months now. I never turn my computers off. I have not had to reboot my Apples in 4 months.

                      My PC's however, I have had to reboot from lock up several times. Just tonight one one of my PC's just decided to turn off by itself. This has always been the case ever since I have had PC's.

                      I am now an Apple fan. I will never buy a PC again. Apple is more expensive, but I will be happy to pay for a system that, as Apple says, "Just Works".


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                        I use PC but if apple ever sold a os that any pc could use-- I would dump the xp and use the apple os.


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                          Yippee-ki-yay, motherf*****.


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                            Originally posted by (S)Sgt Elmer
                            I also have a second PC that runs Linux, a free OS. Guess what? Linux PC's should have a firewall, but they can live without the other maintenance utilities. It's not as easy to use as Windows, but it's a great OS.
                            Linux is awesome, it's just so cool that it is essentially equivalent to Mac or Windows but can be completely free, rather than costing several hundred dollars per license.

                            Just like Mac, though, Linux has serious compatibility issues. It just doesn't have the user base that Windows has.


                            • #15
                              Linux and FreeBSD

                              Here's some of my listing of free software I use.

                              Open Office - office suite
                              kopete - IM
                              XMMS - winamp replacement
                              FireFox/Opera - browsers
                              mtasc/gcc/g++/jdk - compilers
                              quanta/bluefish - web development


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