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  • Getting back into it.

    I have been out of law enforcement for about 7 years now. I chose to go into the private sector for personal reasons, but never lost the itch. I am now in the process of going through EOT and getting my standards up to date. Has anyone had a similar situation and how did it turn out for you?

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    I worked with a female officer who worked like 10 years as an officer and then left. She came back after doing the private sector for a while. Her biggest regret was she withdrew all of her Calpers (California pension system) contributions when she pulled the plug. She said she got like 100 k taxed at like 40% when she withdrew the funds. Hopefully, you did not do that.

    Anyway, she was happy to come back to LE. She had to start all over again, with the exception of going through the academy. But she will have to work till she is like 60 to earn up enough retirement to make her pension worth anything. So all in all she is happy at what she is doing and the private sector was not as lucrative as she thought it would have been.

    So, what is "EOT" is that an academy, not sure of different acronyms in different states?

    If you are young enough and you feel like you can tackle another six months in an academy and work till you are 60, I'd say go for it. But be prepared for a different environment than what you experienced seven years ago. Law enforcement has changed in seven years, its not the same animal.
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      We have a guy who was a cop for 5-6.years, then got out for about 10, and recently came back in.

      He seems to be doing fine. I don’t know his financial situation but he’s doing pretty well as a cop so far.
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